Agent Carter, Season 1 Episode 2 Review: “Bridge and Tunnel”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

The Captain America Show is on the radio, much to Peggy’s chagrin. She stops by one of the Stark residences so she has a new place to stay. In the morning she’s off inspecting a Dairy Farms transportation area in order to find out another lead over who might be behind ‘Leviathan’. Just before she’s about to leave the office she realises that the photos with her in it last episode have been developed.

The man who tried to kill Peggy last episode is after a man names Leet Brannis, as well as being instructed to kill ‘all opposition’. At the office at the Roxxon boss Thompson and the S.S.R. Chief Dooley are investigating the lead on vita-rays there and call in Agent Carter to help scan the women of the company using the vita-ray sensor. On the job she recognises a man called Van Ert from the old Roxxon plant and helps catch him.

In the S.S.R. headquarters, Van Ert is being questioned. Dooley tries to bargain with him for a name but the man isn’t giving in yet, so Thompson beats him up. Peggy is sent home because ‘ladies shouldn’t be seeing this’ and she meets Jarvis, having turned down her friend’s apartment offer. She goes with him to Cedar Avenue to find Sheldon McFee with both Thompson and her old creepy attacker hot on her heels. At Sheldon’s she finds the stash of nitromene and the previous agents, whilst the old killer agent drops on top of the van.

Dooley and Thompson find McFee on the side of the road whilst Peggy fights the agent. Dumping the truck into the water, the multiple nitrate bombs explode just as Peggy and Jarvis escape in time. Unfortunately, Mr Brannis is dying, leaving only a clue via a heart with a waved line through it. Thompson is mad since the unknown Peggy seems to be getting in on the job quicker than the S.S.R. however, Souza finds a key to the place Peggy is staying.

Peggy finally decides to take on the apartment her friend Angie recommended but as she walks into work she sees the guys looking at the photos. Afraid of what she’ll see, she’s relieved when there turns out to be not one definitive shot of her face. As Souza says they’ll still find her, the number plate for the car Peggy told Jarvis to dispose of turns up in the wreckage of the Roxxon refinery…

Another slick episode keeping us hot on our toes. In this episode the supporting cast is allowed to shine as much as the primary duo of Peggy and Jarvis. Shea Wigham and Chad Michael Murray do more in depth performances with the bits of material they have Lyndsey Fonseca does a great job of being the charming and sweet friend of Peggy’s. Agent Carter excels because it toes the line between familiar and clichéd plot devices, and the fact that the S.S.R. is onto Carter so early in the game makes it all the more interesting. In just an hour and twenty Marvel has proved once again it can do terrificly fun period espionage, and I’m very much looking forward to next week.


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