Episodes, Season 4 Episode 1: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Episodes has always been beloved for the many things it conveyed, whether the cultural differences between the US and the UK or just the laughs over Hollywood. We join Bev and Sean as they have to jet all the way back to LA because it turns out Pucks hasn’t been cancelled after all. Even though they’re all tied up in Pucks, there are still networks clamouring for their pilot, but they have to reject the offer.

Meanwhile, Carol’s trying to get herself placed back into the head of the network but instead ends up inadvertently suggesting big flyer Helen Bash instead. We find out that Carol once had an affair with Helen’s husband when he was her boss, so she thinks her chances of keeping her job are slim.

Matt finds out that his recently deceased ‘money guy’ has recently killed himself. However he also doesn’t realise until the funeral that ‘Demi Lovato had him audited’ and only half his money he’s saved up is gone. Bev and Sean work out that still leaves him with thirty one million dollars. Matt’s taking it hard, but in Sean’s perspective that still leaves him a fairly wealthy man. However, this sets off a whole new discussion about money between Bev and Sean which leads Sean to decide to sell the pilot against Bev’s wishes.

4 years in and Episodes is still as fresh and funny as when it started, with sharp jokes that I certainly wouldn’t do justice by trying to write them out here. The three-way dynamic of Bev, Sean and Matt still doesn’t get old, whilst Matt plays up the exaggeration of himself to a T. Watching him make a fuss over thirty two million completely sums up the sometimes ludicrous and detached-from-reality world that Hollywood appears to be to the general public.


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