Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 13 Review: “Payback”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Jake finds out that he owes Terry around two thousand dollars and figures something is wrong because Terry wants the money paid back. Jake tries to suss out his secret and actually finds out that Terry’s expecting another child. However, when the others find out that he’s paid back lots of money to Terry they want him to split the money three days. In order to not have to split it he decides to work off the debt to keep it a secret and so he can be godfather. Unfortunately an email of a baby name suggestion gets round to the whole office, so Jake decides to go to the gym and distract Terry with a workout while the team hacks in and deletes the email to Terry. However, the Captain gets back into the office and gives up the secret. In remorse, Jake pays back the rest of Terry’s money and Terry lets him be godfather to the new child after all.

Meanwhile, Amy is working with the Captain on an old case but he’s always a step ahead of her. However, they guy they’re after has recently died and the street meat that she suggested to him gave him diarrhoea. He tells her later that the awkward episode is something they can laugh about and bond over one day, which makes Amy very happy.

There are toned down laughs in this new episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine but its great to see more of Jake and Terry interacting. With the twenty or so minutes refocusing very much on Jake and Amy, it harks back to the early days of the show and is still pretty heartwarming, even if it’s not comedically the best.

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