Galavant, Season 1 Episode 3 Review: “Two Balls”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

I have to admire a certain show where their recaps are all sung. The group go to Sid’s home town to stay for a night and find out that he might have exaggerated his deeds. When he gets the group to play along, Isabella pretends that they’re engaged. Whilst Galavant is masquerading as Sid’s squire the other squires slag off about the knights they serve Galavant realises that that’s who he is. During the party, he tells Sid he appreciates the squire for who he his, and that he should be proud of himself.

In the conquered Valencia, the King decides to hold a ball to cheer things up, but just ends up hosting a slightly morbid ball instead. Eventually someone gives away that his wife is having an affair with the jester, which does ruin everything.

Following on from last week, I’m newly endeared to the show. The dynamic between Sid and Galavant really helps lift the episode, whilst the king once again steals the show. Whilst in terms of long term plot this episode only moves it forward a little, we get a lot by way of character development which actually serves the show rather well. Onward to episode 4!


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