Galavant, Season 1 Episode 4 Review: “Comedy Gold”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

As the King watches Madalena and the Jester get it on, the King asks the Jester to teach him how to be funny. After just about managing to get someone laughing it actually makes very little difference about their feelings. The Jester has fount a bit of a conscience over working with the King and decides he can’t do their affair anymore, which makes the Queen throw him in the dungeon.

Hugh Bonnevile makes his guest appearance as the Pirate King who takes Galavant and his gang captive, even though they no longer have a boat.¬†Eventually the Pirate goes toe to toe with Galavant and bargains for Galavant to join him in order for the lives of Sid and Isabella, but Galavant manages to disarm him. Going back to the camp he finds out that Sid and Isabella have also managed to disarm the camp, and they work with the pirates to free the out pirate ship and get them to sail the team to Valencia. Once again, Isabella tries telling Galavant she’s been lying to him, but he stops listening and it doesn’t work out…!

It’s a funny episode which endears the show even more. The development of the King vs the Queen is growing more interesting whilst many props for the jester/King duet which managed to squeeze jokes in alongside the melodies. Galavant’s storyline too is becoming more interesting – there was never any doubt Isabella was a love interest, but its fun watching it play out whilst Sid has more to do. Overall, a throughly enjoyable watch.

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