Agent Carter, Season 1 Episode 3 Review: “Time and Tide”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Over at the SSR, they’ve managed to catch up with Leet Brannis, who was the man who died last week. They also find the fancy typewriter used by the avid killer agent, but all’s not safe for Jarvis.

Agent Carter watches as a girl gets expelled for allowing a man above the first floor and she gets an idea to investigate how someone stole from Howard’s apparently impenetrable safe in the first place. The SSR appears just then and whisks Jarvis away for questioning. However, as Jarvis is being questioned Thompson uncovers that he was once charged for treason, and they finally have a bargaining chip.

She pretends to have misplaced the stolen car report and takes the fall in order for Jarvis to go free. Peggy’s about to pop out to investigate the break in but Angie comes in and tries bonding with her. She takes it as a brush off and they part on bad terms.

Peggy ends up insisting on finding out what the charge of treason is about. He tells her that he met is wife Ana in Budapest and because she’s Jewish, forged the papers to get her out, hence the treason charge. As Peggy and Jarvis follow the sewers they eventually find their way onto Brannis’ raft. They find the stolen items and she wants to call it in to get the credit but Jarvis makes her realise that the credit won’t help her gain respect or make things better.

As she’s waiting in the shadows for Jarvis to finish his anonymous tip, an assailant comes at them from out of the shadows, but they manage to subdue him before the SSR show up. As Krzeminski finds out that who might be behind the it – aka Peggy – an assailant comes out of the shadows and kills both him and the witness. The next day Peggy’s actually hit pretty hard because of his death and rebonds with Angie, whilst Souza is only inflamed to catch whodunnit.

This episode we see quite a shift in terms of who might really be what they seem. Who was it that had it in for Krzeminski? Can we really trust Jarvis – and what about that new girl that’s moved in? The stakes are raised even higher and Peggy’s reaction to a death of a man she didn’t even like shows how the show has depth a plenty. The notion of Leet Brannis being technically ‘dead’ (as well as being played by James Frain) for two years makes it seem like he might be returning or that at the very least, he’s still got something big to do with it. Leviathan hasn’t explicitly reared its ugly head this episode but who and what they are is an ever growing question. Souza’s possible relationship to Peggy is also brought up this episode: “Nobody’s gonna trade in a red, white and blue shield for an aluminium crutch.” and even Angie herself is making more a presence, which leads you to wonder what role she’ll play in it all at the end.

Once again, Agent Carter has shown itself to be a slick production, playing with classic shots and just as classic music to really conjure up a world. Peggy playing the stereotypes put on her still hasn’t gotten old, but many props to Atwell that we can see exactly how much its eating her inside, even if she doesn’t show it. Three episodes in, and I’m already dreading seeing the show end,

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