Constantine, Season 1 Episode 9 Review: “The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 2. “

(Beware, spoilers below!)

We start where we left off, with John bleeding out as the Invunche comes ever closer to him. It takes a chunk into his neck but he’s able to what enough a few times to invite Pazuzu into his body, which heals him and helps drive the Invunche away. However, Manny is furious that he invited in a demon but Chas finds him. John figures that he’s got a few days before full on possession, but ends up being running off whilst in possession, murdering a load of people and then ending up in prison.

Meanwhile, Zed wakes up and manages to free herself from the van. Chas tells her what’s happened, and they meet up. Zed decides that one of the best options is to get Ann-Marie to help locate John. Anne-Marie tells them that the Catholic Church has been trying to fight the Rising Darkness for a long time, but Zed eventually manages to convince her to help. In prison, John flips out at a British Consulate (who is talking has been talking with a the Trickster demon) and pays so that he can be taken to a chapel. However, the gang brothers of the people he killed come after him, and he kills them accordingly, allowing John to take charge in prison.

Zed and Chas go to visit John when Anne-Marie locates him, and Chas hands her a load of artefacts that she needs to bring John. Together, the team is about to help John get exorcised when the newly possessed consul shows up. However, Anne-Marie manages to defeat the trickster demon at the expense of being able to exorcise John. They manage to smuggle out John and finally try to get the job done. As the demon Pazuzu comes out and decides to mock all three of them. It’s not working very well, and Zed makes Anne-Marie realise that until she forgives himself for introducing him to magic, he’ll die and the demon will be released on the world. Finally, she manages to send the demon back to hell and John is back to normal.

It was a fairly decent episode of Constantine this time around, which managed to wrap the loose ends, even though it didn’t really advance the season arc much. It could be said that the ‘everything is ok’ button with Ann-Marie was pushed all too quickly, but it’s not a huge critique. Matt Ryan really all out with his possession and that lingering glance at the end makes us wonder what’s really going on with John’s head even though the demon is free. We’re reminded throughout the show that even though John’s the lead man, he isn’t a know it all hero, and this was never clearer than in this episode. I’m glad the show didn’t revert to the tone of the earlier few episode of season 1, which at least keeps it fast paced and interesting.


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