Balmi Cube Lip Balm: Review

To all those who think picking a lip balm is a doddle, think again. There are hundreds on the market, from the cheap drug store alternative to the high end fancy packaged product. The Balmi Cube Lip Balm intends to be an ever so slightly cheaper version of the more expensive EOS lip balms that have taken off in the past few years.

As you can see in the picture, what you’re getting isn’t the traditional balm in a tube but a little circular pyramid of balm packaged in a cube. The point of the design is to make it easier to apply on the lips. As balm textures go, this one is decent, much softer than its EOS competitor as well as most other lip balms on the market save the Vaseline or Nivea pots. In fact, if either of the latter two is very much for you, then you’ll like the consistency of the Balmi. I personally find the Balmi formula very hydrating against its market competitors. It comes in four flavours as well as a phone charm dangle and is enriched with shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E.

Does the unusual design really equal an enhanced lip balm applying experience? Whilst an evolutionary lip balm isn’t exactly on the top of my list in life, I understand why many might find the Balmi and EOS designs handy. In one swipe you can get it on your top and bottom lip. However, if this isn’t important to you then I’d argue that it isn’t worth wasting the money. The Balmi isn’t as hardy as the EOS, and the packaging isn’t very good quality in comparison either (case in point, without any prompting the matt surface cover has come off within a year, and the twist mechanism has magically come loose – again without any prompting).

That’s what irks me the most: if I’m paying around $10/£5 for a lipbalm which is just scented and not even tinted (read: clear only) than I’m expecting some pretty decent packaging, not one that breaks, rendering the point of the ‘different’ packaging uesless. That being said, maybe I’m just one of the unlucky ones to end up with bad packaging, because I really do love the formula, which I find is better than the EOS balms.

I don’t think it was worth my money, but it wasn’t a total waste either. However, bear in mind that this isn’t a product that is good, but not the best in its market.

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