Episodes, Season 4 Episode 2: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Bev and Sean still deliberate over selling their other script whilst Matt has to sell things in order to be able to maintain his lifestyle given the recent loss of half his money. Helen Bash also comes in on the job and Carol suddenly realises that she never knew about the affair with her husband.

Faced with having to sell his vineyard he begs Bev and Sean to go and see their old protegé Andrew Leslie in order to be able to get a job on his new pilot. He still turns out to be a pretentious twat and they walk out feeling a little more than pissed.

Matt panics when he finds out that his wife is not getting married after all, which would have saved him a lot of money. Bev and Sean finally meet up with the various TV executives and finally get a winner in Helen Bash, selling the show to the network. Back at home, Matt sadly has to sell his beach cleaner…

Episodes is, as always chock full of jokes whilst being fast paced, which makes it so hard to review without spilling out every single one liner. The short inclusion of Andrew was hilarious, bringing up memories of that little bigshot we’ve all encountered at some point in our lives and hated. As for newcomer Helen Bash, whilst she seems amazing so far, given Episodes’ history it almost seems inevitable that there’s something that’ll go wrong. Who wants to bet that in the new show Matt and Morning end up being cast as the mum and dad?

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