Galavant, Season 1 Episode 5 Review: “Completely Mad… Alena”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Galavant is on his way to Valencia, where the King eagerly awaits him. Madalena is eagerly awaiting the jewel, kicking up a fuss in front of everyone before realising that she should seize the throne for herself. She works out a deal with the cook to get him to help her in exchange for a setup with her handmaid Gwynne – played by guest star Sophie McShera.

Weird Al makes his entrance as a singing monk at a monastery where all the monks have a vow of singing and where the princess tries to stall by getting Galavant cleaned up. Isabella decides to change plan but the King tells her no can do, as he’ll kill her parents. Just before they storm the castle both her and Galavant bond. However when the three of them show up at the castle the King takes them all prisoner and reveals Isabella’s part in the plot.

As Galavant is about to be executed Madalena comes forward having tricked the cook and freed Galavant. She tells him the everything’s about to change, and that she’s written to someone who’s the wrong side of sinister…

With some of the most fun songs so far, as well as a slightly unexpected twist, this episode of Galavant is full of laughs. The modern contraption and nine o’clock jokes may get tiring for some, but they inject a little more humour in as the show hurtles towards the finish line. Also, they’re making the cook adorable – am I the only one rooting for his happy ending?

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