Galavant, Season 1 Episode 6 Review: “Dungeons and Dragon Lady”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

As Madalena and Galavant are reunited he realises that Madalena doesn’t want to leave her position as Queen. The King is put out with how the Queen has taken the reigns, and the cook recommends that he visit Xanax the magician (Ricky Gervais). He gives the King a potion which is meant to help reveal the source of his pain. It takes us back to his childhood where it turns out that his elder brother Kingsley humiliated him on the day his father died.

Whilst in the dungeon Isabella and Galavant finally realise their feelings towards one another (and leave the confines of the dungeon in the first place), with the latter newly renewed of purpose to break out. Meanwhile, just as the king has arrived back full of gusto to assert his position, it turns out that his elder brother has finally showed up…

Rutger Hauer finally shows up in his guest turn as Kingsley, though the star is very much Ricky Gervais as Xanax, as well as the many jokes that can be made via having a character called Xanax. The songs might be a little clunky this time round (aside from, again, Xanax’ song), but with the introduction of Kingsley out of the blue it’s clear that the last forty minutes of the show next week will be a treat. How I’ll miss it when it’s gone.


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