Gotham, Season 1 Episode 12 Review: “What the Little Bird Told Him”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Sometimes I think Jim Gordon must be the luckiest cad in the world. As Gruber starts frying people ‘like doughnuts’ upon his escape from prison, Jim shows up at the GCPD determined to solve the case. The current commissioner gives him 24 hours for him and Bullock to find Gruber or they’ll lose their jobs. However, it turns out the Gruber isn’t his real name and they eventually find an old associate of Gruber’s, Irwin, who has been electrocuted into a zombie. As they’re working on the case Dr. Tompkins comes in and reports that Gruber once made a witchcraft doll called Mr M – Don Moroni.

Meanwhile, Falcone offers to set Liza up with a job, but she tells him that she feels safer with him… right before she gets ‘kidnapped’ by Falcones men. As they pretend to ransom her, Falcone calls the Penguin and says he needs him as soon as possible due to Liza’s ransom. However, that’s when The Electrocutioner strikes, zapping The Penguin and rolling in a bomb. When Penguin is unconscious he lets slip that he needed to see Falcone.

Fish manages to get Falcone to leave town in return for Liza’s safety. Even though Zsasz tries to convince him to stay, he’s not having it. Back in the GCPD The Electrocutioner comes after Moroni, electrocuting the station apart from Jim with his insulation boots. When all seems lost he splashes him with water and captures him once and for all, sliding his way back into the GCPD.

The Penguin manages to escape to Falcone and tells him that Liza has been Fish’s girl all along. When he shows up he realises that The Penguin was telling the truth his people take in Fish. He chokes Liza to death, furious over his mother’s memory being tainted and used against him, before leaving Cobblepot with Fish.

Throughout the episode there’s a little subplot going about Barbara returning to her rich and creepy parents, asking to be able to stay for a few days, whilst Jim and Tompkins finally get it on. Aside from that, this episode was a wonderfully dramatic one. I couldn’t have predicted the choking of Liza and I wonder what fresh hell Falcone has in store for Fish. It was great seeing him turn from the sentimental man into one renewed with purpose, a little like Jim, finding his feet again in a career he got caught up and almost lost in. Something tells me that Moroni know’s what’s up, that he’ll find out sooner or later what Cobblepot is up to. However the little developments with Nygma each week are also a nice touch, revealing how he’s becoming ever more ostracised, even by the woman he has a crush on. Much kudos for Gotham taking their plotlines left field and not necessarily doing the most obvious thing every week. I didn’t think Fish would be levelled so low so quickly, and that perhaps that’s what we’d deal with during the end of the season. If we’re at such a knife edge at episode twelve – what will it come to ten episodes later!?


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