The Flash, Season 1 Episode 10 Review: “Revenge of the Rogues”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

We start with Barry training with the gang to make him stronger and faster. In a customs warehouse two of the Rogues try to bait the Flash, but drive away when they realise that he isn’t coming. However behind the scenes they decide to steal a painting worth $25 million dollars. Even though Barry is willing to give Snart what he wants, Dr Wells convinces him that if he backs off the Rogues might just go away.

Meanwhile, Iris is planning to move in with Eddie and the things between Iris and Barry are more awkward than ever. In the precinct Cisco and Dr Wells are trying to help against Snart even though the precinct doesn’t trust him. Joe and Dr Wells face off over what Barry is turning into, as opposed to the person he truly is. Back in S.T.A.R. labs, Caitlin and Barry bond with memories until he realises that Firestorm might be an anachronism. Caitlin meets with the grad student who wrote the paper and he reveals that Professor Stein was the man who was his team leader, and that the army confiscated all of their research as the man went missing.

However, just as Caitlin’s walking home the Rogues show up and take her. In the CCPD Snart posts a ransom video ordering The Flash to show up, if not she dies. Cisco reveals that if he can get he beams of both guns to cross the guns can be cancelled out. Meanwhile, Cisco and Joe find Caitlin and just about manage to save her. Barry, however, is struggling against the Rogues until Eddie helps him out and finally works out a way to get the beams to cross streams by going slower.

Back at the CCPD, Cisco is newly reconciled with the police and takes the guns away back to S.T.A.R. Labs. As Iris moves out her and Barry slowly begin to reconcile. Joe and Barry bond some more, with the latter agreeing to move back in with his foster father. As the Rogues are being transferred to Iron Heights Prison, Rory’s fuming at Snart, but they get freed by none other than Snart’s sister.

This was an exciting episode that really set up the coming together of the Rogues, especially with the introduction of Lisa Snart and the (very cool) name dropping of Hartley Rathaway, who I suspect isn’t around to do good just yet. It was great to see Barry’s relationships around him develop; indeed, that heart of the show is what makes it such a joy to watch amidst all the sci-fi jargon. Even Cisco got to up his banter and action this week, which was great – I think he’s living every comic fanboy’s dream right now. Even the Firestorm story and Eddie were given a bit of headway, meaning that the show has so many threads on the go that its indeed admirable that it managed to juggle them all so well. Here’s to hoping that this streak (pun very much intended) continues.

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