Constantine, Season 1 Episode 10 Review: “Quid Pro Quo”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Constantine kicks off with the creepy as a dark voice chants and creepy mist crawls into a little girl’s bedroom (note to self: never have a chimney in a bedroom). John presses about Zed’s past and she says that The Resurrection Crusade, led by her father are after her because they believe she’s crucial to the vision. The scry map is bleeding over New York, just the place Chaz is visiting to see his daughter.

We flashback to two years ago where Chaz is out in a club with John when a fire breaks out. Next thing he knows, he wakes up in a hospital. He should be dead, but he isn’t. He confronts John about why he didn’t die in the club fire. John cast a protection spell on Chaz which he said was legendary. Chaz absorbs the lives of all those who died in the club fire – all 47 of them. We see as the burden of those lives takes over his, endangering the relationships with his own family as he runs around helping John. Constantine doesn’t know how to reverse the spell but offers him a place at his side to help him defeat the forces of evil.

Around a dozen people in Brooklyn have fallen into unexplained comas, Chaz’ daughter being one of them. John works out that her soul is being used for a dark purpose and even though he agrees to help Chaz’ ex wife is less than happy to see him. She’s not the only one. He goes to see Fennel, an old medium friend that he convinces to help contact Geraldine. All of a sudden a darker spirit takes over Fennel and burns him to a crisp.

Zed uses a vision to help them locate one of the books with the spell they need but a man in a cloak lunges and cuts her. They go to Haskins Railroad Yard to find … nothing, but John invokes a spell to make the railroad yard appear. Inside they find Felix Faust, who is behind the plot. He’s worked out how to separate soul from body but he asks Constantine to help banish the demon Carabassen that’s siphoning these spirits. Chaz is furious at the outcome and John banishes him away to the hospital so he doesn’t endanger their mission further.

At an abandoned warehouse they search for the demon so that they can banish him. The demon seems harder to catch than they reckoned with, however, with a trick from Zed John manages to banish the demon to hell. However, Faust changes the term of the agreement because John didn’t get rid of the demon the way he wanted. Angry once again, Chaz knocks out John and returns to Faust, offering all his souls. Faust doesn’t believe him and so he kills himself to prove it. In the hospital, Zed tries to communicate with Geraldine in order to help but ends up screaming on the floor. As Zed’s things fall Renee comes after Chaz and John, just as Chaz blows him and Faust to kingdom come.

Renee is pleased to see Chaz alive again and he goes to visit his daughter, telling her about more of the souls he bares via stories. In the hospital Zed visits John and they talk. She tells him that his mother told her that her death wasn’t his fault.

The newest episode of Constantine finally opens up on the backstory of Chaz, but is still lumpy with pacing, making the tension over saving Geraldine’s life reduced to explicit “we’re running out of time!” lines, as some well dealt action and tension. It’s a nice change that the bad guy wasn’t simply the bad guy, but it wasn’t handled as well as it could have by the writers and the demon catching just seems like an unnecessary diversion. There are more plot holes to pick in this episode than we’ve been able to for a while, and the death of Fennel (and even Faust) almost seems like an attempt to hone in that ‘someone dies, even if you know it probably won’t be the little kid’. As sacrifices that hit home goes, Constantine has done it better – most notably in the death of Gaz – than in this past episode. It was great understanding more about Chaz but if I’m honest, Constantine needs to up its game once more.

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