EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm: Review

Fresh off the review of the Balmi Lip-Balm I though I’d review a comparative product and the more famous of the two: the Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm. It’s been famous for having a lot of celebrity endorsements, from Miley Cyrus to Ed Westwick. Under its product description it says: ‘eos Visibly Soft(TM) Lip Balm, enriched with natural conditioning oils, moisturizing shea butter and antioxidant vitamins C & E, nourishes for immediately softer, more beautiful lips.’ Much like the Balmi lip balm, its circular design is meant to allow for precise application on the lips and much like the Balmi the design does pretty much what it says. It’s also 4-free and infused with shea butter, so it is as organic as you can hope for from a commercial lip balm.

Whilst the formula of the balm covers without being too runny, on very chapped lips it might not feel like enough. The longevity is decent – not outstandingly more than any other lip balm on the market, but not less either. The fragrance of the lip balm itself is gentle and not too strong. I have the Pomegranate Raspberry myself and I love it to pieces. The packaging is strong and holds up well: much better than the Balmi. I’ve thrown the EOS balm around in times of boredom (as it’s basically a little ball), and it’s held up without so much as a scratch. However, at it’s high price of £4-5 depending on retailers, I’d call the EOS balm more of an indulgence purchase for lipbalm lovers. It’s not even tinted and whilst I do like it very much, it’s not something I’d get on a whim.

(photo credit: beautyselectionph.com)

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