Episodes, Season 4 Episode 3: “Review”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

An old friend of Sean’s comes into town who doesn’t like Bev. They’re also the talk of the town due to the pick up of their new script, but there’s also big buzz in the network’s office, where they need to pick up Merc Lapidus’ show.

However, Bev is buzzing because she gets to go to the Golden Globes suite with Matt whilst Sean faces off with his old friend who believes that it’s the same show… and have lawyers on the case. In the network offices Matt tries to pitch his Dutch-inspired reality show. It’s a bit of a shambles bit they end up buying it anyway before hanging out together and smoking weed.

Back from the Golden Globes suite Matt hangs out with his ex-wife and Bev shows off all her free things to Sean before he breaks the bad news to her. After she reads the old notes she figures out it’s very, very bad news. Matt gets together with his ex-wife once more (after bonding over a picture their son drew of a vagina) and Carol and Helen finally hook up!

The show moved the plot forward leaps and bounds in some rather unexpected ways. It was great seeing Helen and Carol finally bond as women at the top… and even more interesting to see it turn into something different. One wonders what will now happen to Sean and Bev with their new show, and also if things will finally start looking up for Matt. The Golden Globes gifting suite was completely hilarious, making fun of all the free things given to people who, let’s face it, don’t really need free things, and the soul selling that comes with it. On a slightly unrelated side note – how fab did Bev look in that jacket? What a fab episode of Episodes.

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