Mr Selfridge, Season 3 Episode 1: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

We’re back for Season 3 of Mr Selfridge, and we’re thrown into the deep end with Rose’s death (though one would think more people might come to the funeral). However, nine years after she’s been put in the ground Harry’s off flying to Dublin in order expand the Selfridge brand, though this means he’s hardly been in the main store himself. In the store it’s been closed for the first time in ten years because they’re hosting a rooftop wedding: that of Rosalie Selfridge.

Kitty’s finally been made an honest woman of by Mr Edwards, though her sister’s been quite a bother. All the old servicemen are back from the war, but they’re not getting on and it isn’t easy on poor George. Miss Mardell also shows up to the store, though she’s on a current leave of absence although Florian’s sadly died. Rosalie’s wedding is quite the society occasion, especially since the husband to be is the daughter of a Russian princess. To cap it all off, Henri happily arrives in the knick of time looking all dashing in his uniform.

Lord Loxley seems to be a cloud on on the horizon, who intends to get revenge for Selfridge reportedly paying for the divorce fees with Mae. We also know that Henri was in hospital for a mysterious reason he won’t quite disclose to Agnes, who he’s determined to marry. Speaking of Agnes, we also catch up with. Victor he’s in a new business helping to manage a club, where he pays off a cop so he can keep selling alcohol after nine and he keeps taking the loss of Agnes hard.

We also also have some reasons to doubt the true feelings of Rosalie’s husband, who has a deep affection for planes … especially as he’s been spreading rumours Mr Selfridge is about to buy an aerodrome. The next day, Agnes and Henri get married as the store thrives busily. Lord Loxley manages to waylay Rose’s new husband Sergei and talks to him in his club, abandoning Rosalie so that she cries about it to her father. George Towler hands in his notice, and Mr Grove wonders whether this due to the friction between men and women. Instead of letting the women go he decides to retrain them and put them in other departments but Gordon’s more concerned that he’s not listening to Mr Grove and Mr Crabbe due to the death of his wife.

As the rumours of the Aerodrome buzz, he’s approached by Nancy Webb, who pleads for him not to buy the aerodrome land so that she can build cottages for the homeless. Mr Selfridge gathers together the family so that he can tell them that he doesn’t want Rosalie moving out with her new husband just yet. In a quite little ceremony Agnes and Henri finally marry whilst back at the store Sergei rages at Harry about the aerodrome. Come evening the newly unemployed George Towler visits the club only to see him being threatened by a policeman. He tells Victor he’s going to help him work the club and have his back.

Sergei’s mother finally checks into a hotel and charges it to Selfridge’s account as Henri begins seeing things at Miss Mardell’s house. Harry arrives home to revisit Rose’s old drawings and reconsider the idea of building old subsidised cottages.

It’s great to see Mr Selfridge back, and the return of Loxley as well as Rosalie’s new family it looks like a lot of trouble will be stirring up at the store too. Also interesting is the way they’ve taken a gander at how Harry deals with his wife’s death. Instead of gambling and being a cad, he’s now obsessed with her memory, a nice progression from the flighty Harry of old and a good character progression if there ever was one. However, I would highly advise searching for more information when it comes to Mr Selfridge’s later life – it’s a spoiler ridden alley that one! Though we’re only let back into the lives of the Selfridge a tad this episode, we’re teased enough to make use intrigued about what’s to come, especially with Victor. Though his day to day life isn’t directly tied with the store anymore, there must be something fishy and big going on for hi to be coming back… I’m very much looking forward to returning to the store next week.

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