The Disney Princess Series: Vanellope Review

I understand why Vanellope von Schweetz hasn’t been added to the Disney Princess pantheon. After all, she doesn’t exactly fit all the criteria. She’s not of a certain height, is really quite young and doesn’t sing. Of course there are some of the younger disney princesses, but she’s quite a bit younger than some of the recent ones in the revival era. The fact she isn’t a princess for most of the film and ends up President isn’t much of an excuse, as we have Princesses that don’t end up as such, and we have princesses that also don’t start as such.

However, she does have many of the ballsy qualities that we love in our Disney Princesses. Her ambition as a racer drives her: even though she’s cast out she is resourceful and finds her own way. Her faith and good will in Ralph is true and even when she becomes the rightful queen of Sugar Rush she still manages her people well. She’s the kind of heroine we want to see more of beyond the Wreck-It-Ralph film.

Her growth in the film is as significant as Ralph’s. She learns to open up to more people than herself and is forgiving at the end. By the end she uses her glitching as a strength, and all her hard work in order to create her own kart and becoming a racer is paid off.

Truth be told, I’d love for Vanellope to become one of the Disney Princesses. As the criteria is becoming ever wider, there’s no reasons she shouldn’t become one, especially as she is so relatable to little girls. Along with Sofia the First, she fills in a gap which Disney hasn’t catered for. The idea of Little Princesses is cute and I’m sure it would sell well. Until that day comes, we can appreciate her even though she isn’t ‘officially’ anything. Little princesses. I like it.


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