Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 14 Review: “The Defense Rests”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Jakes wonders if something is funny between him and Sophia, whilst the Captain holds the fate of Wunch in the palm of his hand as she applies for a job to be Chief of Police in Boston. Meanwhile, Gina and Boyle come to blows over the fact that their parents want to get married.

Sophia confesses that she’s not getting any good cases because she’s dating a cop. She asks Jake for a pause and he decides to make Sophia’s boss like him. He gets Terry to help him out as they show up at an event for Public Defenders. Sophia gets really awkward about Jake being there and he tells her that he loves her.

Jake finally manages to bond with Sophia’s boss over gambling. Even though they start getting on more Jake finds out that the boss was snorting cocaine in the bathroom and arrests him. Sophia decides to be her boss’ attorney but they actually end up arguing and she decides to break things off with Jake. She confesses that their lives and jobs are incompatible and that she doesn’t love him and isn’t willing to do the work required to make their relationship survive.

The Captain is all torn up about what to do about Wunch. If he praises her, she’ll go away but if he tanks the promotion she’ll lose the job and stay in New York. Rosa tells him that revenge isn’t worth it and that he should just be nice to Wunch. Even though he gives her a good recommendation he rubs it in her face that she’s going to a second class city by giving her tickets to Wicked. As he goes to rub it in her face he realises that she uses it as leverage to get an NYPD promotion instead – she’s played him the whole time.

Gina finally tells them she’s awkward about her mom getting married because she doesn’t want her getting hurt by Charles’ dad. As she interrogates Charles’ dad he manages to sweet talk her so that she gives the blessing for the Boyle boys to plan a wedding. Charles’ is celebrating being a ringbearer whilst both the Captain and Jake commiserate over the women in their lives.

It’s sad to see Sophia bow out of the Nine-Nine team but to be fair, we all knew that Jake and Amy are the true endgame here. The rivalry between Holt and Wunch has never been more hilarious (especially since she won – dang) and even in the smaller side story between Boyle and Gina there was a whole lot of development. Brooklyn Nine-Nine just about got the right balance between drama and comedy whilst giving us a whole new situational set up to play with next episode. I wonder how Jake will get over his break up …

Laugh of the week: “I changed her autocorrect from Wunch… to butt.”


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