Galavant, Season 1 Episode 8: “It’s All in the Executions!”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

The last episode of Galavant starts off with the eponymous hero reluctant to kiss Isabella, much to the confusion of everyone else. Galavant has a new idea about trying to get them out but Galavant offers him a drink between old frenemies. He confesses to Galavant he’s a virgin and Galavant plants the idea in his head to kill his brother.

Together the two of them ramble round the castle drunk but the plot fails and the two get thrown in the dungeon. In the dungeon Richard sings his old lullaby, which reaches out to everyone. Come morning Gareth goes to take away both Richard and Galavant. Gareth sends them back to Richard’s old kingdom to keep him safe but Galavant swears to return for the others one day.

Furious, Madalena orders Gareth to kill everyone who’s left behind. He promises to help them escape and tells them to pretend they knocked him out, but he takes Sid hostage in case. As Kingsley is about to kill Gareth for his insolence Madalena kills Kingsley and promotes him to be consort. Meanwhile in Valencia, Isabella is locked in a fancy room by her cousin Henry, who still intends to marry her…

With that, we’re left on a cliff hanger until Galavant (hopefully) returns next year. What will happen to Richard? Will the peasants finally get a happy ending? After a slightly rocky start, Galavant has ended up a charmer which leaves me eager for its return. Whilst the musical element fluctuates in and out of goodness (this week actually being rather great), it certainly managed to excel on the comedy scale, and this is what has managed to keep it alive, especially with the interesting plot twists. The banter between Richard and Galavant was really rather great, with the two actors gelling well and leading to an interesting premise next year. Let’s all aboard for hopefully a second season of everyone’s favourite medieval musical comedy!


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