Gotham, Season 1 Episode 13 Review: “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

In an abandoned old warehouse Fish Mooney wakes up. She’s strung up on a operating table, ready for ‘Bob’ to take care of her. Harvey and Jim are on the Fish case, but for now they’re getting help from Flass on a homicide. As Jim investigates the body, he finds a hidden secret compartment in the man’s shoe which have a load of little blue packets in. A witness called Leon steps forward to help, but just as he’s about to be interviewed he gets murdered. Ed’s investigation says that it’s due to an ice pick, with his wounds matching those of the man killed in the morning.

In the abandoned old warehouse, Bob talks to Maria Mercedes Mooney, aka Fish. He tries to extract an apology from her, but she’s not having it. She’s got a good henchmen though, who’s out looking for her. For the first time in a while we see Bruce and Alfred again, and they’re both out looking for Selina. He asks to walk around the block and they run into Ivy. She says she’ll pass a message onto her for twenty bucks.

Fish is just about managing to hold it up before Butch takes out Bob and rescues her. In the precinct, Jim is struggling to extract information as he’s not well liked and it takes a couple of tricks to finally get a name. As he gets a hold of Delaware he searches the man’s car and finds more blue packets. He’s told that the blue packets are part of an ongoing narcotics investigation and both Bullock and Jim find themselves pulled off the case.

Butch has been taking good care of Fish, who wakes up furious and is after Penguin’s blood. Speaking of Penguin, he surprises his mother with Fish’s old club. Bullock eventually tells Jim and Flass is protected by people since he’s taken over the old drug stashes in the city. Jim wants to go after him and Bullock calls in some old help, however they’re both outmanoeuvred.

As they get back to the precinct the Commissioner rules that Leon’s death was a suicide and Jim’s told once again that he has to let it go. Of course he doesn’t, however, and goes to visit the Penguin. He asks Penguin to help him about Flass since Moroni runs the drug trade. When finally all alone, he gets drunk in Fish’s old club but just then Fish shows up, baseball bat in hand.

Selina turns up at Wayne mansion because Bruce has a present for her – a snow globe. However, his offer of friendship and a place to stay doesn’t work. She tells him to stop hassling her and says she lied about seeing who killed his parents. Penguin’s henchmen is after information about the drugs as his boss gets beaten up in the club. As Penguin proposes an alliance Zsasz shows up after Fish. Butch helps her escape, though he pays for it.

Flass is teasing Ed over the card he gave to Kristen and whilst hurt she comes back later to thank her for the card. At the precinct Jim’s finally given details on the murder from Butch’s old henchmen whilst in Wayne Manor Bruce is devastated over the rejection. However, Alfred slaps some sense into him. Jim attempts to arrest him and calls on the precinct for help because he’s abused the badge. Flass is finally taken in as somewhere in Gotham City Port Harvey is … helping Fish. She swears that she’ll come back one day and kill Penguin, asking Harvey to find Butch and take care of him.

In a dark back alley he’s approached by Delaware, who begs him to keep his wife and kids out of the whole situation. Jim can’t do more than look on horrified.

Gotham’s upping its game week by week – some plots were better than others and some more mysterious than others. But with the exception of the turmoil with Bruce almost all of it saw some great development. Sure, it might have seemed sloppy that Butch got away from Falcone’s men sometime between last week and this week, but he’s definitely not free now. And how about Harvey, huh? Let it not be said that the man doesn’t have a good poker face. Things evidently run deeper between him and Fish than we might have suspected before, and given the righteousness of his partner you can’t help but wonder how things will progress. When it comes to Jim’s righteousness, I’m sure it’s not lost on the viewers about how he managed to lock up a ‘bad’ cop by going down a slightly unethical route. From the look on his face at the end I think he’s just beginning to realise how dirty the city is. Even when he’s trying to do right, he still can”t do it cleanly.

When it comes to the function of Bruce, Selina, Ivy and Ed, you can’t help but wonder sometimes what function they actually serve in the show aside from foreshadowing what will come in Gotham city’s future. The quirks and slow burn of Ed’s development make him charming and intriguing to watch, but it Bruce and Selina felt as shoehorned this episode as Selina and Ivy did the first episode after the brief Christmas hiatus. The small titbits aren’t so offensive in a generally great episode to mark more substantial criticism, but I for one do hope it’s going somewhere so that we can look back on their role in the episode and actually understand its purpose.

The Penguin helped steal the show once more (though you can’t help but wonder who he’s going to explain it all to Moroni) with all the characters’ many threads intertwining more as the weeks roll by, I for one can’t wait for next week.

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