The Big Bang Theory, Season 8 Episode 13 Review: “The Anxiety Optimization”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Sheldon’s stuck – and we know how dangerous that can be. After a chat with Penny, Sheldon decides that if he has a more miserable work environment he might get more done, so he gets the gang to ‘make his life miserable’. He decides that what he needs are for the guys to just disagree with him in order to make his anxiety levels optimal.

He soon decides that sitting with the girls might also make him uncomfortable just about enough, so he tries to sit with them – when that doesn’t really work either, he puts on some amalgamated scream music. When he stops eating and sleeping Amy starts getting worried about him.

Meanwhile, Howard’s invented a new game called ‘Emily or Cinnamon’, where you guess whether or not the phrase Raj said was directed at his dog or his girlfriend. Soon enough the whole gang join in.

Eventually Penny and Leonard manage to tuck Sheldon into bed and Emily addresses the guys over their new game … though it still doesn’t go quite to plan.

This episode of The Big Bang Theory is much less consequential than usual, just keeping the gang ticking along without too much happening. The big stars of the show are Raj’s finally developing relationship and how Sheldon’s work isn’t all plain sailing. That led to a fun enough half hour where I did appreciate the writers making jokes about ‘girl talk time’ – that’s right everyone, we’re just people.

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