Constantine, Season 1 Episode 11 Review: “A Whole World Out There”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

A group of silly youngsters are messing around with a magic book in a cemetery. After a brief moment of chanting all four of the kids end up in another place, each alone but all in equally sinister scenarios. Just as things get really hairy, they all wake up…

With Constantine he’s wallowing in his own self-pity via a mirror that can show the past. Manny shows up an tells him to check the scry map and help an old friend who doesn’t seem too pleased to see him. Showing up at the college where his friend Richie works things are still getting weird as one of the kids in the cemetery drops dead via a strange vision. As John shows up to investigate Manny shows up too and learn that Richie was once John’s right hand man.

Back on campus the same creepy man that killed one of the friends shows up mirror and transports another of the students away to the same creepy house where the same trapped handless man tries to help. Richie discovers that Shaw’s journal disappeared: the one to do with travelling to another dimension. The two students left behind decide to look to their missing friend in different ways: one via physical searching, the other via trying to cross realms again. Adam’s method works but she’s badly wounded. In the physical realm she’s found dead and her friend Adam soon shares the same fate … his throat slashed by Jacob Shaw.

As now three of the students are dead, Richie is torn up about hurting the students, but Constantine’s having none of it. The remaining student, Lily mentions the house to Constantine whilst in the dream realm we discover that the three dead students are still alive even though they’re dead in our one. In Jasper’s safe house they finally protect the remaining student since all the reflective surfaces are protected. However, she fishes out her phone and instantly… plan thwarted. In our world, John convinces Richie that they both need to go across and save Lily. Richie manages to construct a door in the house – but soon enough, Shaw shows up and starts to take them out.

John tells Richie to be stronger and overcome Shaw’s constructs with his own mind. Richie summons the sun and renders the Shaw obsolete. As John saves Lilly Shaw’s house finally collapses and takes her friends with them since Shaw’s constructions have gone. Richie tells John that he wants to stay in the figment of his imagination, because he doesn’t want to go back home, where the darkness is closing in. John finally gets sent back but eventually Richie choose to wake up in the normal world.

Back in the university, Richie goes back to teach his classes whilst Constantine … well, he ends up back where he started, drinking in front of the mirror that shows the past.

It’s been quite a while since we had an episode without either Zed or Chaz but as Constantine’s a bit of a lone ranger himself, it worked a charm. The constructs around the episode played well into everyday life (I might not look into a mirror for a while), whilst also showing that contrary to last episode, not everything works out. Only one out of the four students survived, and you’re pretty sure she’s scarred for life too. Whilst the resolution to the problem might have seemed too quick and too easy, we at least were treated to the better written tension and consequences which last episode was so dearly lacking. even though it’s annoying that the show isn’t consistently on this level of goodness it is at least nice to know it can reach those points. However, in terms of overall plot moving, it didn’t really take us far – the darkness is coming … but we knew that already – and it felt like a little comic one shot issue. But given that the episode was at least good this time, I can easily forgive it. Now how about we get a balance between both a save the show whilst it has two episodes left?

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