Episodes, Season 4 Episode 4: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Beverly is convinced they’re completely screwed over the script similarities, Matt watches his ex-wife wake up from their night together and Carol wakes up alone after her night with with Helen. Whilst Matt and his wife re-bond Carol’s nothing but awkward. Both Carol and Helen show up to hike with Beverly since it’s the weekend but the two new lovebirds are bad at covering up their chemistry with one another.

Back on set Matt tells Sean how happy he is being with Diane again, though Sean susses again that it would also really help their financial situation. Talking to their agent Sean and Bev are confirmed as screwed, whilst Matt tries to re-convince Diane to marry him again. Over food Beverly manages to suss what’s going on with Carol and Helen. Carol tells Bev how it all works and how happy she finally is with Helen.

Matt goes to surprise his wife with the fancy crabs he bought her but sees her in the shower with Olly. Furious, he goes to Bev and Sean, saying that him and Diane are finally over whilst not realising the irony of the situation. However, Bev and Sean themselves are screwed, as Sean’s old writing partner Tim says the old way to avoid a legal case is to include him in the running of the show.

It’s less of a laugh filled episode of Episodes this week, focusing on rounding off the plot threads and issues from the past few episodes as opposed to anything else. That’s not to say there aren’t any funny bits – the shower scene was hilarious – but the character development was still solid and the show sure knows when to round off on a laugh.

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