Gotham, Season 1 Episode 14 Review: “The Fearsome Dr Crane”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

 On a rooftop in Gotham, and unfortunate man is being hoisted multiple stories above the ground. However, Penguin and Falcone are celebrating the demise of Fish Mooney, though this is quickly dampened when Fish tells Moroni the Penguin’s been working for Falcone for the whole time. The GCPD starts working on the case but the captain is still antsy about Flass being put in prison and what this risks for them all. In Jim’s old apartment he finds Selina hiding out. When he says he’ll find her a new place to stay she tells him that she lied and isn’t testifying anymore. Jim goes to visit Bruce and the kid releases him from his promise because it seems that the case has been going nowhere so far.

Penguin wakes up in the middle of nowhere with Maroni and they end up talking in a cabin in the woods. Maroni asks about Indian Hill and all the situations which have reasons to raise suspicion. He calls in a witness whose number was in the pocket of the person who got murdered and it’s seems a little obvious that he already has a crush on her. An old man leaves his apartment only to be confronted by a man stroking a tiny pig. He quickly gets captured whilst back at the GCPD Ed starts looking for the clues in the corpse even though he was told not to. For his actions he gets suspended, even though he finds a clue.

As they’re investigating they hear a scream: it’s the man who’s just been kidnapped surrounded by pigs. It seems obvious that the killer is using his victim’s phobias against them. Fish Mooney is chilling in a boat that’s leaving Gotham, though she’s certain to return one day, whilst back in the GCPD, Jim wants to find Nygma to go through the post-mortem for the body but he’s shocked that the man’s been released. Back in the cabin in the woods Moroni starts a game revealing secrets and it comes to a head with Moroni finally taking out Penguin when things go south.

Jim’s finally on a date with Dr Tompkins but quickly has to be called away. At the support group Bullock inadvertently meets one of the killers, but Penguin’s in just as hairy a predicament as Moroni sentences him to death crushed inside a car. At the GCPD Nygma picks the lock of a locker. The killer – Todd – finally starts talking and says that he’s afraid of failing, before walking out, Miss Mullins following him. Meanwhile, Penguin manages to just about escape with the skin of his teeth. Harvey eventually notices that Todd has been gone and realises that Miss Mullins has been taking to a pool where a traumatic incident happened as a child.

The current GCPD doctor opens his locker which Ed hacked into a load of body parts fall out, leading him to be fired. At the pool, Dr Crane (as well as a brief appearance with his son, Jonathan!) start work on drowning Miss Mullins, but Harvey and Jim show up just in time to save Mullins’ life. Dr Tompkins reveals that the killer – Dr Crane – removed the adrenal glands of the dead. Penguin manages to be picked up by a church bus and ends up on his way back to Gotham. Back on the boat with Fish, the boat she’s on ends up boarded and we end the show’s episode with them about to be in a terrific fight.

This episode didn’t really resolve much and it’s saying a lot that this plays to Gotham’s strengths as a TV show willing to throw us off base. The killer wasn’t caught and we don’t know the fates of Penguin, Fish or even Harvey’s status with Mullins (it really could go either way at this point, I think). Whilst we finally managed to wrap up the comparatively pointless line of Selina participating in the Wayne murders we were given air on some stories and characters that deserved it. Dr Tompkins is the female lead (who isn’t Fish) that we’ve been waiting for and without Barbara the show gets rid of pointless melodrama. Ed and Penguin both up the ante and creepy but formidable future villains. Putting the dead body parts in the ME’s locker was easily the dodgiest thing he’s done. Much kudos to Cory Michael Smith for actually making my sympathise with his motive. Let’s face it, the ME was mean to him. Crane too was a nasty piece of work and the show even hints at the triggers that will lead his son to be the infamous Scarecrow. It’s all in the name of science. Right. With Gotham on point with the scares and the intrigue I’d almost forgotten that we’re well into the second half of the season now: let’s hope the writers keep the ball rolling.


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