The Flash, Season 1 Episode 12: “Crazy for You”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

The Flash starts off getting faster and saving more people. In a prison somewhere a teleporting girl manages to break free her boyfriend. Barry’s called on the case and after a brief reunion with his dad (via Joe) he resumes working back on the case. Cisco goes to talk to Hartley for help about Ronnie but it doesn’t take him long to succumb to his curiosity. Hartley shows Cisco the shadow of Martin Stein after the blast and then tries to escape, but this time Cisco’s one step ahead of him.

Back at Iron Heights Barry’s father has helped do some investigating and eventually Barry comes into contact with Shawna but against her teleporting he’s pretty useless. After hours Barry tires to aid Iris but with Eddie in the picture he finds himself left out to dry for the evening. Caitlin and Barry end up hanging out together at a dive bar whilst in the CCPD Cisco is working with Hartley to work out what happen. The video tape shows Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond merging together during the blast of the nuclear reactor.

In the dive bar Caitlin and Barry karaoke together after which a girl called Linda gives him her number. In a warehouse somewhere Shawna and her boyfriend pay off the boss Marcus but end up just about fleeing. The next morning Cisco reveals what he did the night of the particle accelerator and we find that Cisco worked to hard to find Ronnie because of what he did. Just as they work out how to defeat Shawna he gets a call saying that Barry’s dad had been stabbed for poking around too much in Marcus’ business. Once again Barry tries to take out Shawna but nothing works until he starts smashing all the lights.

Barry ends up going on an actual date with Linda and when he tells his dad about it he also learns that his dad’s susses that he’s The Flash. Meanwhile, in the sewers under Central city a bunch of sewer workers encounter… Grodd.

It’s a dynamic-centric episode in Central City, focusing this time not on Wells and Joe but on the other people in Barry’s life, notably Caitlin and his father. If anything, the main ‘super-villain’ plot around Peek-a-Boo was just the side show as we also got to know more about Cisco and was teased about his possible future role as Vibe. It turns out Cisco can really kick ass in a fight and its easy to see how he could be a hero someday. I’m excited for what the show will bring before next season, with both the massive roles of Firestorm and Grodd on the horizon, as well as the Reverse Flash lurking in the background. The show has turned out to be better than I could have ever imagined, and its juggling of multiple plots turns out so well on both a dramatic entertaining level that even on episodes where one or two of the elements (such Peek-a-Boo’s introduction and general story), we’re still happy to forgive and forget.

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