Modern Family, Season 6 Episode 13 Review: “Rash Decisions”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Gloria thinks Joe might be allergic to Stella, so she goes to stay with Mitch and Cam. Mitchell goes to do some freelance work for his dad’s company, Phil starts bonding more with Andy whilst Hayley and Alex come to blows since Alex is preparing for a Princeton interview.

Claire learns that she’s not thought of as a friend or someone fun at work, because she ends up stuck with the chores that usually involved telling off her co-workers. Mitchell, however, is trying to change and be less uptight and in the process makes friends with the whole office when on his last day he decides to help her out once and for all.

Alex is furious about Haley jabbering on with all her gossip but just before she turns up for her interview she hears the woman say how annoyed she is that all the kids seem the same. Alex then lets loose and repeats all of Haley’s gossip as if she did it.

When Jay has gotten rid of Stella the family suddenly realises that its Gloria’s face cream and not the dog which makes her allergic, meaning that Jay can triumphantly take her home. Affection is also circling around the Dunphy’s as Luke starts to feel neglected by his dad for Andy… but we know this isn’t really the case.

Modern Family started to get almost annoying predictable this week. This didn’t stick given the charming nature of the characters, but whilst the odd plotline was fun, the majority had us seeing it coming. That’s not to say a show should keep us on our toes all the time, but it certainly makes an episode more boring if we know what’s coming. Not it’s best, I daresay. However, with Valentine’s day round the corner next week, I’m sure the show will be able to bring it.

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