The Big Bang Theory, Season 8, Episode 14 Review: “The Troll Manifestation”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Leonard makes a breakthrough in his work and when he gets Sheldon to help him they come up with a great paper which they post almost immediately. However, despite the odd good comment, there’s an anonymous internet troll who says ‘mean’ things. Sheldon being Sheldon, he decides to respond until with a hilarious twist of fate, it turns out that the troll was a bored Stephen Hawking, who actually liked their paper and found it insightful.

Meanwhile the girls uncover embarrassing things about one another, which starts off when they decide to watch Penny’s gorilla movie. This moves on the Bernadette one entering a pageant and culminates in Bernadette revealing Amy wrote Little House on the Prairie fanfiction which has a character Amelia fall in love with a time travelling man named … Dr Cooper.

This was a charming episode which featured some great laughs but highlighted the friendship between Leonard and Sheldon. When the two work together (which we know isn’t often), the results are fun to watch and this episode showed that it’s ultimately endearing. This girls’ sideplot was literally a side plot, though it did go someway to revealing little tidbits more about the characters, which is no bad thing. All the characters managed to get in on the fun (even Howard and Raj, who certainly made their moments count) and I certainly don’t think I’ll be forgetting that Little House on the Prairie skit anytime soon!

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