Mr Selfridge, Season 3 Episode 3: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Selfridges are hosting their biggest beauty event ever and Kitty has their place front and centre. The ladies of the Selfridges store are making headway in their respective roles but Mr Crabbe is more than nervous for his relationship with the boss. Harry manages to finally secure his loan, but his secured it with a very high rate of interest wince he has so few assets. Meanwhile Agnes is trying to get through to Henri but he’s not himself and things are difficult for the wartime women workers as they’re being let go today, one of those being Kitty’s sister. Even outside of the store the women and men aren’t getting along over jobs and Kitty’s sister brings the tension home.

At the land auction, Lord Loxley shows up to outbid Harry for the land, forcing Harry to go more than double the money he actually has. Harry goes home furious and ends up in a row with Sergei in front of the rest of the family. In Agnes’ home all is not well either as Henri doesn’t come home at night. Come morning she goes to speak to Victor, who’s been seeing a lot of Victor of late. He tells her that Henri was fighting in Verdun, where the soldiers were massacred and the many were completely starved. Mss Mardle is helping Doris in the store when she notices the young wife being accosted by a strange man, Suspicion is abounds elsewhere as the butler to the Selfridges tells Lois that he he’s found out that Princess Marie moved out of her apartment months ago and hasn’t paid several bills there either.

Henri tells Agnes he needs to work on his window display himself so that he knows wether he can really do his work anymore. The next morning at the store Agnes marvels at her husband’s work as Kitty has fun working on the fashion event. She gives Agnes some items to put in the widow which she does herself because Henri is sleeping. However, Henri eventually sees her doing so and flips out kicking over the display and Harry chases him into the park, where the window designer breaks down altogether. In the evening Agnes is waiting up for Henri when she talks to her brother about the war, and how hard it had been for him as well. He doesn’t go home and disappears underground.

Mr Edwards notices the ex soldiers begging on the streets and decides to decides to interview them for his book whilst his wife manages to wheedle a job for her sister given her good work in beauty. Mr Selfridge meanwhile is working on the houses as one wonders if he’s starting to fall for Nancy. Agnes is searching for Henri and breaks down thinking about how much he’s changed whilst on the street corner of the store the two men who were interviewed by Mr Edwards try to assault his wife before Mr Selfridge saves her in the nick of time.

This was a fabulous episode which upped the ante in almost all the storylines, even the little seen dynamic with Rosalie. Agnes has very much been an inway for the audience into the world of Selfridge and here again she manages to fulfil a compelling part of the story which many other wives would have gone through. All the pieces of the puzzle we’ve been served so far fell more together this episode than they have done so far, wether it’s understanding more of Elsa’s character, confirming our suspicions about the Princess or giving the Kitty/Connie/Edwards story greater weight. Much more of a dramatic rollercoaster ride this time round than we’ve seen so far, I myself can’t wait for next week. Will Henri make the great jump over the side? Was he a deserter? Is love in the air for young Gordon and just what will happen to the coupling of Rosalie and Sergei?

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