Topshop Lips Lipstick: Review

I’ve been dying to review Topshop Lips Lipstick for a while. When Topshop first announced their makeup range, this was mostly recieved by raised eyebrows and a couple of prayers that the store would do good: after all, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the mostly ugly when it comes to store makeup ranges. However, from the packaging to the product itself the makeup range has been well loved since its release, often touted as good alternatives to budget drugstore ranges.

I was first introduced to the Topshop range via one of their Lips Lipsticks, which are called thus by the company: “Creamy finish lipstick to smooth, moisturise and nourish lips. Apply for fabulous colour and moisturised, creamy finish. Wear alone or with gloss for a shiny finish.” That’s a short and apt description if there ever was one. The texture itself is simple and smooth, with a light hint of gloss (aka it’s not matte) and an extremely light perfumed scent. The wear of the product is average and just the lipstick on its own won’t plump up or nourish lips, but as a lipstick it’s a good, solid product.

The packaging also reinforces this image. Coming in a tin tube the lipstick feels sturdy in the hand (no twisty stick wobbles, girls!) and the twisting mechanism itself isn’t flimsy or happy go lucky. I’ve never had the cap fall off or come loose. At roughly £8-9 pounds each they’re hardly breaking the bank and their formula is some of the best out of the budge lipsticks. They come in a multitude of shades which suit everyone. If you haven’t given them a shot yet, I highly recommend it – they’re a great product.

2 thoughts on “Topshop Lips Lipstick: Review

  1. I love Topshop Lipsticks, and really need to add more to my make up collection. Great post by the way. x


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