Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 15 Review: “Hostages”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

On the back of his break up with Sophia, both Boyle and Terry tell him that he needs some good catharsis for it. The team are given a chance to join in with the Multi-Terrorism Drill set up by the Department of Homeland Security. Diaz and Amy fight to be able to take Saturday off. With the rest of squad away the Gina gets Holt to take his personality test.

When the Nine-NIne get given the position of hostages Jake decides to escape so he can contact Sophia and win the drill. Once they get the terrorists out of the way Jake decides to take down absolutely everyone else. Amy shoots Rosa to win the Saturday off and Jake gets tricked and loses at the last minute. When Captain gets annoyed that Gina is put in the same personality group as him she gets offended, and he turns it around to make it an opportunity to give her more work.

Amy decides to work Saturday instead and Rosa confesses that she’s introducing her parents to Marcus. Jake finally lets go and drops off Sophia’s old things… but perhaps he’s not let go quite as quickly as he thought.

This episode helped us let go of Sophia but also gave us a tad more insight into the dynamics between the Nine-Nine and how, for all their ludicrous happenings, they’re actually a pretty badass team. Both the Rosa/Amy and Captain/Gina plots made for a nice balance from the main Jake story, with the latter exploring a relationship that we don’t actually see that much. Gina may be a little ‘out there’, but even the Captain can acknowledge when he shouldn’t be putting someone down. Onwards to next week with our favourite cops!

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