Agent Carter, Season 1 Episode 6 Review: “A Sin to Err”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

As we continue on into Agent Carter we start in 1944 Russia as new people start being inducted in Leviathan. The story being told in past comes via the doctor who has been taken in by the doctor helping. Peggy has a theory that the trained women for the Black Widow program is a crucial part of the program and the Chief tells her to chase it if she believes in it so much. In the Diner, Angie helps give Peggy a new key. It’s proving difficult for Angie to get an acting job, so she’s been signed up for secretary school. Jarvis then walks in.

Meanwhile Dottie is going for a job interview and Souza goes chasing the lead that Peggy might be the mysterious woman helping Stark. In a prison he gets confirmation from a man who was beaten up by her. In a jewellery store they look for more information about who could be considered as Stark’s manipulative woman. Dooley continues to question the Doctor, but during a break it ends up being turned around. The same goes for Dottie’s job interview, as she’s out getting a good target on the Soviet Doctor who’s helping the SSR. It figures out that she’s not trying to shoot the doctor after all, and instead receives a message from him telling her to kill Peggy Carter.

As Peggy and Jarvis look for their next target she finds the room for a woman who’s disappeared that used to be one of Howard’s girls. It turns out that in Dooley’s interrogating room the Soviet Doctor is slowly manipulating Dooley, but Souza interrupts just in time. In the Diner a bunch of agents start to try taking out Peggy. She needs to go back to Griffin to get Steve’s blood as the whole SSR is mobilised to take Peggy down. The Soviet Doctor is put under the guard of one Agent, and as expected the Doctor manages to manipulate him. Within moments the agent has drawn out a map for the Doctor and has shown him where the exits are. Thompson and Souza reach Peggy’s room in the Griffith and with the help of Angie she manages to evade capture. Everything seems to have gone smoothly until Dottie kisses her and knocks her out. Back at the Griffin Angie goes looking for Dottie only to find the woman completely gone. In SSR headquarters, Thompson and Souza settle Peggy down for questioning…

This high octane episode of Agent Carter has us speeding towards the conclusion of the eight-parter. It was great seeing the duo of Carter and Jarvis working together again and as satisfying as it was seeing Peggy take out a team of agents, it seemed only fitting that the girls of the show managed to outwit the guys at every turn. Dottie taking out Peggy fit – after all, Thompson was never going to be able to do it, was he? The Soviet doctor being a tricky little manipulator was no surprise. Left alone with Dooley, his earnestness seemed too good to be true, but it was nevertheless a little shocking to see him get a good agent to kill himself. Peggy’s solo ruse was never going to last and against the SSR boys they’re only just figuring out how much they underestimated her. With Peggy’s questioning soon to begin, Angie closer to the case than ever before and Dottie vanished like smoke, the conclusion of the show is left wide open, and I for one am excited to see where it takes us.

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