Fresh Off the Boat, Season 1 Episode 3 Review: “The Shunning”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Episode 3 and Eddie’s still having trouble fitting in at school and he’s not the only one as his wife is trying hard to fit in with the other women in the neighbourhood. There’s a block party happening soon due to the Daytona 500 and his parents decide to use this an opportunity to network.

Eddie works out that if he has a good looking girlfriend this will help him earn some street cred. His parents don’t know what NASCAR even is, so they go to a video store, where Jessica meets Honey, the wife of Marvin. The two women get along but Louis tells her that she should stop being friends with Honey because all the other women of the neighbourhood women hate her.

During the block party Jessica brushes off Honey until she decides that it’s not worth it and sings “I will always love you” in order to make up for it. Eddie manages to get a hug off Honey in order to get some street cred with the boys until Honey’s step daughter shows up – and Eddie’s struck with a crush.

Fresh off the Boat comes at us once again with its brand of real life humour shoved into the nineties. It’s hard not to be irritated at the neighbourhood women on Jessica’s behalf and Eddie’ dilemma at school carried out at the same time as his mom’s shows that even with parents life is still just a grown up version of school. Even the smallest gestures go a long away, even if it’s just eating someone else’s tofu. Though perhaps not as funny as the previous episodes, it was just as charming and great to watch.

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