The Flash, Season 1 Episode 13 Review: “The Nuclear Man”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

We start off this week as Barry goes on a date with Linda: easier said than done as he keeps being interrupted with multiple calls for help. However, all goes smoothly for now. Meanwhile somewhere else in Central city Martin Stein/Ronnie Raymond finds an old friend and inadvertently kills him. Cisco is out helping Joe in Barry’s old house, piecing together what happened during Barry’s mother’s death.

At S.T.A.R. Labs Barry reveals that he met Martin Stein on the train the day of the Particle Accelerator. The team go to visit Martin’s widow, who reveals that she’s see Ronnie around several times before since her husband’s death. Whilst Joe and Cisco managing to find a mirror with silver nitrate which they hope will have pictures on it.

Meanwhile, Barry is called away to try and get a hold of Stein, but it after an intense run in that involves Barry being flown high up into the sky, they don’t get much closer to capturing him. It’s a different story in Barry’s old home, however, as Cisco and Joe manage to find blood that they’re convinced belongs to one of the two speedsters that was present at Nora Allen’s murder.

The next morning Barry goes to apologise to Linda and Iris talks to her afterwards to tell her to give him time. It turns out that Barry had put a tracker on Stein and the team takes Stein’s wife along to make sure that it’s really him. With her help they manage to take Ronnie/Stein in and in the lab they keep trying to run tests to make sure they can separate the two personas. At the CCPD Joe asks Cisco to run the two blood samples against Harrison Wells but Cisco refuses.

Today’s a day of tough decisions for the team as Barry’s already reeling from a break up with Linda and Wells tells the team the only way to stop Ronnie/Stein from going nuclear is to kill them both. Wells decides to convert a device into a Quantum Splicer in order to give Ronnie/Stein a chance to be separated. Cisco calls up Joe and tells him that after running the two blood samples one of the matches was from Barry as an adult, completely different from the young Barry present at the time of his mother’s murder. Caitlin and Barry show up and give Firestorm the splicer but it doesn’t seem to work, and he detonates miles away from Central City. But the team aren’t the only ones with their eyes on how Ronnie/Stein are doing and the army are alerted to it too…

This week’s episode of The Flash is jam packed. From Barry breaking up to getting back together again with Linda, to Iris’ suspicious feelings for Barry (Will they, won’t they? Make your mind up, girl!), to the Cisco and Joe team up. Even more than last episode does it seem that we’re being fed more and more pieces of a puzzle which we have yet to figure out. If one of the blood samples wasn’t Wells, then who was it? It’s not so much the performances that stand out this episode as opposed to the stories themselves. With the balancing act of being The Flash and dating we’re shown a side of how much more complicated Barry’s life actually is now that he has these extra responsibilities on his shoulders. With even more players on the board next week, I doubt this is going to get any easier, but at least we’ll have a hell of a lot of fun watching him.


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