Episodes, Season 4 Episode 6: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Carol’s gushing to Beverly how much her and Helen are into each other, whilst Morning starts to talk to Sean and Bev about their new show… and it’s pretty clear she’s out for a part. Matt’s still torn up about having to sell so much of his fancy things when his Mum calls up about his dad having a heart attack. Sean and Beverly come along for moral support whilst Matt manages to wangle a better room for his Dad. The couple sign Friends pictures for the hospital staff and Matt gets told by his mother that it’s because of his money problems that his dad’s so unwell.

His dad has to go through a heart operation but is unhappy with the surgeon, so Sean calls his dad who’s a cardiac surgeon for advice for a good one. Carol suddenly calls Beverly saying that it’s an emergency, because she needs to give Helen a pet name. Carol also mentions a doctor that was used by Merc who’s meant to be the best in LA, but Matt decides to leave it. In bed with Helen, she decides to give the woman the pet name Pubey – which is decidedly a terrible name.

Matt tells a story about how much wanted his dad to die when he was younger. Just then the accountant calls telling Matt he needs to sell either his car collection or his dad’s condo. He goes for the former and his Dad ends up luckily getting out of surgery unscathed, and promptly asks his son for a new car.

Whilst not as funny an episode as we’ve seen this week, it says something that the show still manages to pack in a few laugh out loud moments. The biggest elephant in the room was Sean and Bev’s presence in the hospital at all – whilst them backing Matt up was a lovely demonstration of how the three of them are much closer than they used to be it also seemed like a reason to shove them into the episode in the first place. By contrast, the constant calls between Carol and Bev seem a lot more authentic as their long term friendship is something that’s been a tad more solid. Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable half hour of comedy.


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