Mr Selfridge, Season 3 Episode 4: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Back with Mr Selfridge, Kitty is rushed to the hospital after being attacked. In Colleano’s Victor and Violette dance the night away together and flirt a fair bit too. He first pushes her away but the girl’s persistent and they end up together. On the back of Kitty’s attack Mr Selfridge goes for a quiet evening with Nancy, where the two bond a little more. Somewhere else in town Lord Loxley and Sergei talk and Loxley pulls out, revealing his true intentions to the young man. Drunk and dissolute, Sergei trundles home and treats Rosalie indifferently, telling her he doesn’t know if he regrets marrying her. The night’s also a tense one for Agnes, who’s worried about why Henri still hasn’t come home. That might just be because he’s standing on a high ledge overlooking a large and potentially deep body of water.

Kitty’s angry over what’s happened, and recounts what happened to the police. She has a scar on a face that will eventually fade. As she recounts the description of her attacker Mr Edwards suddenly realises that the men he interviewed and plied with drink before. Henri shows up outside Mr Selfridge’s home and tells him everything he went through, telling his friend that he’s a coward for living. Mr Edwards tells Kitty to be careful, implying that she should drop the situation. The potential viciousness of these young men lead Miss Mardle to suggest a security team to help assure customers. Mr Selfridge sets Agnes aside to tell her to not give up on her husband.

Violette Selfridge is banned from going to Colleano’s and it’s just as well because the the cops are sniffing around the bar due to the attack on Mrs Edwards. Sergei and his mother are shown to be living hand to mouth of Selfridge generosity, since they have no money themselves. In the park, Agnes confronts Henri about what happened at Verdun. He confesses to her that he is haunted by the memories of the men he couldn’t save. She asks Henri to let her in and try to help. In Kitty’s home Victor comes to speak to her about the servicemen that were brought into his club by him, something Frank hasn’t yet told her.

As the store gets given a trial run of the secret guards Kitty tells Frank to go straight to the police, but she overhears him tell Victor that they could go to prison. She’s understandably angry that he’d save his own skin before hers. In a café the Princess manages to get Rosalie to give her some money to pay off Sergei’s debts. Henri is being cared for by Agnes, who decides to hand in her notice so that she can leave the store and take her and Henri away from London where he can get some real peace and quiet. As Rosalie pays of the debts she runs into Lord Loxley, who tells him to leave her family alone. As Harry muses over the loss of bother Agnes and Henri he places his hand on Nancy’s, who gets rather uncomfortable and leaves.

Henri and Agnes are bonding together once more as he tells her all about the places he grew up. She wants nothing else but to make him better and to take him home. The police go with Kitty to find her attackers and she manages to finally locate them. When she gets home she tells Frank she tells him she needs to be alone. George is taking Grace out for a dance with Violette shows up. Victor tells Perkis that he’s now going to run Colleano’s cleanly but the policeman isn’t happy about it at all. As Henri and Agnes are shown off in the train station Mr Selfridge goes straight to Nancy’s house and tells her that he wants to be with her.

We saw off (presumably for good) two fan favourites and mainstays in Agnes and Henri this week. The couple have seemingly bounced back numerous times against the odds but it seemed right that the two leave to give Henri his best shot of recovering. Coming back like everything was normal just wouldn’t seem right given the gravity of the situation. Loxley’s quick pull out of Sergei’s plans seemed a little premature for a dramatic takedown, but it many ways it almost leaves us wondering what dastardly trick he has up his sleeve that’s even worse than what he’s already done. Violette’s actually been out and about this week, being more proactive in her relationships in an arc that makes sense when we think back to her characterisation from the beginning. The same goes for Harry, who’s feelings for Nancy finally flourished this episode in a burn that’s been suggested since their meeting. It could be said that this is just a device used to build up more drama in an already dramatic show, but the writers have done good is showing Harry’s loneliness and his need from the get go. It makes sense that of all the fancy girls he could pick after the death of his wife, he goes for the firm and clever Nancy. The Henri saga resolved itself as the relationship between Kitty and Frank is finally explored. The man’s always had a self-serving streak in him, but this is the moment it’s tested the most. One would expect Kitty to bounce back into Frank’s arms but as this episode has shown, the girl knows how to go for what she believes in when it matters to her. I fear it may not be a simple resolution for these two. Another week, another drama filled episode of the show and one that particularly pulls the heartstrings in terms of Agnes and Henri. As I let my little heart recover, I’ll look forward to next week as love – or at least lust – seems to be in the air for more than one couple.


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