Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner: Review

Sachajuan is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to haircare. Their leave in conditioner is a fantastic favourite of mine and one I use when I know I’ll be styling my hair a lot or when I want it to look its best. The leave in conditioner pretty much has its directions in the title: you just spray it on towel dried hair and that’s it. No special massaging ritual, nothing.

You might be a little skeptical if you’re wondering how such a simple procedure could help you wind up with pretty hair, but it really does. If your hair tends to be a little frizzy out of the shower the leave in conditioner helps ease it straighter, leaving your hair soft and supple. If you’re plagued with dry tips after a wash, the conditioner leaves it feeling hydrated. It might not be as effective as an intense mask, but it’s a quick and easy way to make styling your hair just one step easier.

I’ve tried the leave in conditioner on top of both normal in-shower conditioner as well as without it. I find it to be a little less effective on top of purely shampooed hair, but I won’t deny that its easy spritz mechanism comes in handy for days when you’re just having a speedy wash and are a little lazy.

Since I found the Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner I’ll never do a bout of heavy styling without it, and with its lovely hair salon smell you really do feel like you’re treating your locks. At £22 pounds a pop it’s not a cheap buy for those just wanting to wash their hair, but with its Ocean Silk technology the product is a must have for anyone looking to really take care of their locks. It’s magic.


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