Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 16 Review: “The Wednesday Incident”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

The team are wondering why Captain Holt is angry. The team thinks it’s because Jake set off some sprinklers in Holt’s office. Jake goes investigating as to why this may have happened, and with the help of Gina they go to Kevin to see what may have instigated it. First they stop by his breakfast place, then by his painting class and then by his fencing class, where his instructor reveals that he hasn’t shown up since last week. This upsets Kevin but the duo keep at it, finding out what happened between his fencing class and coffee. Peralta finds out that Holt was almost mugged but was stabbed. That’s why he hasn’t been going to fencing. This angers Kevin and Holt until Jake attempts to make up for it by leading him to one of the man who attacked the Captain. The Captain apologises and admits he was angry with himself, which is why he took it out on the squad. When Kevin next stops by as a thank you he gives them two of Holt’s paintings.

Meanwhile, Charles arrests an elderly man for a load of bank robberies. Amy doesn’t believe he could have done it since he puts on an adorable face in front of her, but switches to a despicable on in front of Charles. His dogged investigations are weirding out the girls until the man dies right in the interview room. The girls eventually apologise to him as they find out the money he gave Amy was part of the stolen cash, mean the old man was the thief after all. Jeffords also gets love from the Captain by the end, who gives him a hat tip for all the effort he went through to get the squad in shape when Holt was in a bad mood.

The team of Jake and Gina liven up banter this week as Jake uses his detective skills to find out what happened with the Captain. His casual admiration and humour surrounding Holt made for some fun quips and the genuine effort he went through showed that he cared for more than his rep in the situation. This was well paid off by Kevin’s gifts and good will at the end. Insight into Boyle at his job was also an interesting change from his role as Jake’s second fiddle. Lumping it with a man that people so easily believe isn’t guilty actually proves to be just as hard a task but it was great to see Boyle get some respect from the girls at the end. Amy’s biggest weakness has always been her eagerness to see the best and do the ‘good’ thing in the situation, and this compromised her this week since it meant the old man could play them. Anyhow, it was a funny episode which shed some light on the roles and characteristics of the various members and dynamics of the crew that haven’t been given as much screen time of late. Now, where can I get an original Raymond Holt rock painting?

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