Agent Carter, Season 1 Episode 7 Review: “SNAFU”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

It’s the penultimate episode of our favourite SSR agent, and we begin in 1943 Russia as the Leviathan doctor gets asked to come in for help to numb the pain as a young man needs to have his leg amputated and there’s no anaesthetic left. The doctor talks to the young man as his leg is amputated. In present the day the doctor watches on as Souza questions Carter. The three men all attempt to question Peggy but she’s not giving them anything. It’s all getting very tense but Peggy tells them off for not looking out for Dottie, who’s currently out buying a baby carriage.

Just then Jarvis walks in with a signed confession from Howard Stark in exchange for both his and Carter’s freedom. Dooley kicks Carter out of the SSR and in private Jarvis admits that he wrote the confession, not Howard. As the two sit in quite a pickle Dooley’s in his office talking to his wife. In the background is the doctor who watches on eagerly. As Peggy and Jarvis look into Dooley’s office they spot the Doctor making his coded messages in Morse code. It states that in ninety minutes Leviathan is coming.

Peggy confesses to the SSR everything that she’s done and tries to gain their trust. When honesty doesn’t work Peggy also gives them Steve’s blood and after her confession Souza tells them that he trusts her. Dooley still doesn’t but he states he sends a team to check out the building opposite the street. The doctor notices and begins to hypnotise the Chief. Dooley captures Carter and Jarvis under the orders of the doctor whilst in the building opposite Souza finally comes across Dottie. Back in the SSR the scientist gets Dooley to retrieve one of Stark’s inventions item 17. Dottie tussles it out with Souza as the team come across her, but she’s much more faster than the rest of them. As the Doctor makes it out of the SSR building Dottie comes round to pick him up, staying that they’ve been compromised,

Peggy and Jarvis manage to smash the mirror of their confession room. Just then Thompson walks in but Peggy asks where Dooley is. Sleeping in his office dreaming of his wife is what. Dooley\s wearing a vest that is due to explode. The scientists in the SSR don’t know what to do in order to prevent the explosion and Dooley sacrifices himself before he’s too late. Peggy believes it’s her fault and whilst the team figures out that Item 17 has been stolen Jarvis has no idea what it does. Meanwhile in a cinema across the street Dottie unleashes item 17 on an unsuspecting cinema crowd – who attack each other until everyone is dead.

This episode of Agent Carter managed to tackle not just the realistic circumstances of what would happen in Peggy’s shoes but also helped us shed further light on Leviathan’s plans whilst still leaving us wondering what on earth might happen. Peggy and Jarvis even managed some wisecracks and of all the people to believe Peggy the most it seemed fitting that it would be Agent Souza who got there first whilst we saw how far Thompson had come since the first episode where he knows that Peggy can’t possibly some kind of evil double agent. Carter’s calling out of the men’s opinions of her was a fitting one, covering not just how Thompson and Dooley looked down on her but even how Souza put her on a pedestal. Their looks of self realisation we small and fitting for the occasion. Even as they have her locked up they still can’t help but prejudice against her because she’s a woman, and throughout the episode it’s interesting watching this slowly change. Meanwhile the fact we’re still not sure what Leviathan’s endgame is makes the finale next week all the bigger one. Dooley’s sacrifice was only fitting given the conflict he’s been feeling over home and how he’s been physically put on the back seat. This served as another legitimate reason to bring Thompson, Carter and Souza closer together and it looks like we’ll see the most epic of showdowns next week.


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