Fresh Off the Boat, Season 1 Episode 5 Review: “Persistent Romeo”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Eddie finally manages to get invited to a sleepover but his mother says no due to her paranoid via the nightly news. The mother says he can have the sleepover in the house. Louis comes in and tells them that the restaurant is finally getting full but this leads to Jessica trying to makes sure that sexual harassment stops being a risk in the store.

Eddie tries to procure a dirty movie for his sleepover but fails and ends up using his parents’ sexual harassment video. Since the boys don’t know what a dirty movie is they go all enthusiastic for it, and one of the boys copies the video so that it goes round the whole school this prompts the principal to encourage all the parents to give their kids sex-ed talks via the book Flowers and Watering Cans. Eddie’s dad decides to give him a ‘proper’ talk on the subject and when he reveals it to the boys he gets popular again.

We had lots of little plot lines this episode, from Jessica becoming paranoid over nightly news to Eddie’s brothers learning to play poker from their grandma. Well hey, sex-ed has to happen one way or another and it was hilarious seeing this through the old grainy VHS video tapes of the nineties. Eddie’s brothers are becoming more adorable by the minute and it’s always great to see them on screen with their badass grandma, whilst the fun mini twist of the sex-ed seminar holder being able to speak Mandarin was a classic laugh out loud moment for many reasons, not just how it played with foreign assumptions in the West. The show in general is strongest when not actually focusing too much on Eddie but on the dynamics between his parents and acclimation of his mother. Whilst his storyline this week was fairly necessary, it wasn’t the most fun to watch and I wonder how is journey will be portrayed as the show goes on (especially considering that this is his story).


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