The Flash, Season 1 Episode 14 Review: “Fallout”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

We continue on from last week where Firestorm is finally separated for good, much to the relief of most everyone. Whilst the team are happy together the army are looking for Firestorm. Barry takes Professor Stein home to his wife before finally going to the CCPD. Joe takes Barry back to his old home and shows him the images of that night and tells him how adult Barry was there the night of his mother’s murder.

In S.T.A.R. Labs Cisco uses film references to help Joe understand about time travel. Dr Wells says that he has no theories that are helpful, but Professor Stein is. At her job Iris is talking to her boss who presents her the theory that Harrison Wells caused the explosion on purpose. Back at Professor Stein’s home Barry’s told his time travel is possible and it doesn’t exciting for him at all, because it means that he failed to save his mother. In the cafe Ronald tells Caitlin they should leave town forever. Just then the army show up to take Ronald and Stein can sense it because it turns out their brainwaves are perfectly in sync.

As Caitlin and Ronald hide out in Barry’s home Iris suddenly shows up. They tell Iris that Ronald is Caitlin’s cousin Sam. Wells visits Wade on the back of the army’s attack and it’s pretty clear that the General is not going to let up. Barry finally tells Joe that Wells had nothing to do with his mother’s murder… as Wells drugs Martin Stein to give him to the General. Iris is doing more research and works out that ‘Sam’ is Firestorm whilst in S.T.A.R. Labs Wells has made it out that he was attacked so that Stein was taken. The team uses Ronnie to try and figure out what’s happening to Stein. The Professor is being tortured by Wade, who tells him that the last time he did it was to a gorilla.

Ronnie cuts himself in order to try and contact Stein, who manages to communicate back via morse code where he is. The Flash manages to get Stein out but they shoot the Flash with some chemicals but Ronnie and Stein still need to merge if they want to try and get out of it alive. After bonding as Firestorm the two find out that they can also repeparate but Ronnie and Stein leave to be able to go elsewhere and find out more about their abilities.

As Barry tells Joe that he’s going to go back in time to save his mother and do it properly this time, Wells captures the General and decides to dispose of him once and for all – by giving him to Grodd.

The fun introduction of Firestorm finished off this week in a satisfying introduction to the famous superhero. As more significant potential villains emerge on the scene it was a relief to see the back of the General. Given that this really was an episode exploring Firestorm the we good that the writers managed to give Barry a much more significant problem of his own via the time travel. The Flashpoint story seems to be very much hinted at here and given the extend CW DC universe if Barry actually succeeds in rewriting the past the world we come back to for everyone could be a very interesting and fun one for fans. It was another great episode that really raised the stakes for almost everyone involved, even Iris (who’s finally becoming more more interesting) and given we’re eight episodes away from the ending I can’t even begin to think what we’re going to go through before the season finale.


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