Modern Family, Season 6 Episode 15 Review: “Fight or Flight”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Cam and Mitch are throwing their friend Sal a baby shower. Manny’s being bullied at her cooking class so Gloria tells Jay to teach Manny how to fight. Phil and Claire both have different flights with Claire in First Class with a slight racist woman whilst Phil in Economy Class has an amazing time sitting next to a magician and a masseuse.

At the baby shower it appears that Sal abandoned her baby and ran off. Claire gets mad when she finds out that Phil pretended he was suffering in order to be able to stay in First Class. Haley and Alex try to help Luke break up with a girl which ends up with the two of them back and forwarding on Luke’s behalf. Phil eventually swaps with Claire so she can have a great end of flight.

Manny follows the fighting advice and punches the kid who picked on him, when it turns out the boy was trying to apologise for he behaviour. When him and Jay try to have words with Gloria about her being pushy she puts them in their place very quickly. At Cam and Mitch’s the couple argue with Pepper and Reinaldo over who will keep the baby, but just then Sal comes back saying that she went to tell the baby’s father of the boy’s existence and that he wants nothing to do with the child. All four men offer to be father figures for the child instead.

How fun was it to see Phil confronted with magic and massages on his flight? As interesting as it was, the show seemed more disjointed than usual where the writers didn’t take advantage of the multi family setup, with none of the four stories overlapping in any way. The odd moments of unity were nice – Haley/Alex or Manny/Jay – but beyond that, it’s an episode that could be missed without any great loss to even the most hardcore viewer. If this week’s episode does teach us anything, however, it’s that appearances aren’t what they seem (a common theme in all the plots) and that even six years on, The Dunphys are still one of the most adorable couples to watch on television. Hilarious quote of the week: “God only does weird baby stuff”.


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