Fresh Off the Boat, Season 1 Episode 6 Review: “Fajita Man”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Eddie’s mum is having trouble finding a new job as the Orlando heatwave descends on Florida. Meanwhile Eddie’s going mental over a video game released by Shaquille O’Neal. However the wife is still struggling financially so Jessica doesn’t want to switch off the AC.

Louis comes home excited about the new restaurant craze: fajita’s. His father convinces him to work at the restaurant to be able to earn money for the video game. Louis gets Eddie to walk around delivering fajita’s in hot pans.

Jessica goes to see a house with the boys that has AC and takes the opportunity to lounge in the free cold air. Meanwhile, Eddie’s killing in the restaurant serving the fajitas, but his dad still doesn’t give him as much money as he would like. He decides to not show up at the restaurant for his shift since he’s not being paid enough.

In the open houses Jessica is finally told to go away from the houses where she’s mooching off the AC. Instead she ends up showing a gay couple round a house. In the evening Jessica comes home triumphant because she sold a house.

“It’s like being kissed by a snowman.” This week the show continues on its hot streak by putting the family in another un-unique situation – except of course it is a little different due to the show’s premise. Evan and Emery shine more this week as the adorable kids looking for AC whilst their mum continues being a force of nature. Her eldest and her husband bond some more: This week Eddie moves past his image of a just being a young kid doing young kid things to someone that is gradually becoming more self-aware: an important theme of the show. Furthermore, the whole family is utilised in the show to great effect. With lots of little moments this week to laugh about, Fresh Off the Boat is becoming a show not just special for its premise but also for actually being funny.


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