Modern Family, Season 6 Episode 16 Review: “Connection Lost”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Claire’s at the airport worried because she got into a fight with Haley and as she waits for her flight she contacts her whole family via Mac. What follows is a funny twenty minutes that takes place entirely on a Mac. Lest we wonder how much Apple paid for the massive ass advertising, let’s look a little deeper at the episode.

The episode takes place over a matter of hours at most, and the use of the Facetime conference calling means that we get to see all the families interacting even though they aren’t literally together. What makes the episode so clever is that we’re given an opportunity via technology to see little tidbits about the family. Even five years ago it wasn’t exactly possible to track someone’s phone but today you can … and we see that this can open up a whole new land mine of misunderstandings. It’s also a big insight to Claire: the link ‘Porn’ is actually her Pinterest board for ‘Organisation Porn’, she organises the different photos of all her kids and she still keeps Dylan’s number in her contacts. These all add up to little things which inform us more about her and make the show more fun.

Some people might call it all gimmicky but the episode is so funny and interesting that it’s easy to lose cynicism. It lets us into how ‘modern’ the family has really become, and makes us wonder whether it’s all for better or for worse. For me one of the funniest moments was when Haley emerges from her own bedroom – the family have so much technology and means of tracking one another, yet no one bothered to actually just check her room. It’s a powerful point: technology may certainly enhance our ability to be in touch with one another, but that doesn’t mean it should replace face to face contact. After all, the episode is called ‘Connection Lost’ for a reason.

Modern Family has served up not just another funny episode of the show, but also one completely fresh and different from anything we’ve seen on a sitcom. Now, please excuse me while I watch it again…

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