Episodes, Season 4 Episode 7: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Bev and Sean are excited about the new set for their show, but Sean’s bothered that Matt doesn’t seem the least bit interested in their show. He tries bringing it up again in the bar and when it seems obvious that Matt doesn’t care Sean brings it up once more.

Myra’s ‘pregnancy’ is the talk of the office, as is Carol’s relationship with Helen. The next morning it’s obvious that Matt hasn’t read the script and Sean leaves still mad. Carol gets given a key to Helen’s apartment and she panics. She talks to Bev about how much she’s freaking out over the speed of the relationship. Bev tells her that she has to be honest with Helen but it’s obvious that Carol finds that pretty hard.

Matt’s finally read the script for Sean and Bev’s new show and tells them that he’d love to be in the show. The duo panic over apparently giving him the part whilst Carol tries to handle Helen. When Carol finally manages to tell her how she feels she seems to insult Helen until the former confesses that she’s just scared and that Beverly gave her advice. Helen tells Carol that Bev’s obviously in love with her.

At Matt’s the duo try to tell him that they don’t want him on the show but it sends up awkward. He asks them straight up with they want him on their show and when they fail to give him an answer he realises they don’t want him on the show.

Even in the tensest of moments Episodes still manages to be hilarious (as evidenced in the last five or so minutes). This episode was more about setting the stage as the season comes to an end but it’s great to see that the show hasn’t lost it’s funny bone even though it’s more plot centric than usual. Stephen Mangan takes the mantle of MVP as he delivers the brunt of the jokes and his rapport with Tamsin Grieg show why they play a married couple so effectively. I can’t wait to see where their friendship with Matt develops from here…


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