Episodes, Season 4 Episode 8: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Bev and Sean meet Helen and Carol, and Bev notices that Helen can barely look at her. Matt’s still pissed at the duo but Carol finds a place to put him – as the host for Merc’s new show. Both Matt and Merc are appalled at the idea of each other on the show, but Matt’s agent tells him he could earn a lot of money being on the show. Bev calls Carol wondering if Helen has a problem with her.

Matt takes back the cars he gave to Sean and Bev whilst Matt finds out that the person looking to buy his new house is the young actor that used to be on his show. To his chagrin Matt shows the actor around the old home whilst Bev tries to meet with Carol… behind some dumpsters.

Carol finally confesses what Helen’s issue is and given that Matt messes up the sale of his beach house he considers Merc’s show, meeting the guy in the most awkward dinner. Over dinner Sean tells Bev to not confront Helen about the Carol issue and just then Matt shows up completely drunk and cries in Bev’s arms.

The show helps push forward towards the last episode of the season as we wondering what will happen with Matt and his financial disaster. Whilst perhaps not as funny as other episodes this season it effectively deals with the fallout of the previous episode. More a continuity episode than anything else the best bits involve Matt still not having come to terms with being usurped with the younger and flashier actors on the market that are being eaten up by the big Hollywood franchises. Never more than now has that been relevant.


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