Mr Selfridge, Season 3 Episode 6: Review

(Beware, spoilers below!)

As with all Mr Selfridge recaps, it’s a big one, so scroll down to the end if it’s just the review you’re after. Back in the Selfridge house things are tense with the fallout from Violette and Victor’s arrest at Colleano’s. He bans Violette from using the phone or leaving the house and Colleano’s are in just as much trouble as they still haven’t reopened. As the store opens Gordon starts his new role as Deputy Manager. Mr Grove, however, isn’t too happy about Gordon’s new appointment since he feel he deserves the position – and title – more. Kitty notices that items have gone missing from the makeup display and the Gordon realises quickly what has happened.

Mr Longchamp is here: the man who is taking the on the role as new window dresser for the store and excites Gordon with innovation he’s displaying. In Colleano’s Harry goes to visit Victor and confesses that he is the one that has been dallying with Violette. As the store curtains open on Mr Longchamp’s first windows Nancy comes to visit Harry at the store. She tells him that the business of the estate means they need the money soon and that they need to start with the money soon. Instead he invites her to dinner and she reluctantly agrees. In her flat she goes she talks to her partner in crime who are both waiting for the money so they can pursue a new life in America.

In the Selfridge household things are still a little tense and things only get worse as Sergei announces his departure to Paris without announcing how long ago he will be gone. in the In Colleano’s Victor attempts to start up his club again on the same terms as before but the policeman demands triple, which Victor cannot pay. The Princess talks to Sergei, telling him that he has to makes things right with Rosalie. That’s not the only problematic marriage, with The Groves in potential jeopardy concerning their son. Back at the store Gordon is convinced that he needs to buy some new French items in order to help the store gain even more shoppers. Mr Selfridge tries to win back Violette by getting her to work on the housing project and Nancy gets her onto fundraising for the furniture that will be needed for the houses. Come evening, Kitty decides to walk straight home, and who should she run into but the man who attacked her.

In the Selfridge house both Lois and the Princess attempt to ‘help’ Violette with her party planning. The latter tries to book a band for the party and uses it as an excuse to call Colleano’s. In the club a big boss called Regan makes a bargain with Victor where the latter allows some gambling in order for the police to be kept off their backs. In the Edward’s house Kitty’s returned home safe and Frank reveals Lord Loxley paid for the men’s release bail. Harry decides to sell five per cent of his stake in the company in order to raise the money which means he would lose the majority and would no longer be in control of the store. Loxley is up against Harry on the side two, as the Lord reveals to Harry that it’s all part of his plan to redeem his name, no matter the cost to Kitty’s well being. Mrs Edwards decides to take matters into her own hands and goes with George in order to confront the men who are coming up against her in court. The exchange might be tense but it all turns out for the best.

Kitty’s case ends up turning for the best since one of her attackers ends up changing his statement. Meanwhile, Gordon and Mr Longchamp’s offensive underwear display manages to attract more customers to the store. In a park Miss Mardle helps bring together father of Doris baby together so that he can see his child one more time and leave Doris alone. As Doris and her old flame depart she suddenly decides to chase after him …. before a van skids right into her, killing her instantly.

Another week, another dramatic episode of Mr Selfridge. With another cast member leaving and things never seeming more precarious you can’t help but wonder who will actually get out of the season alive. We’re halfway through and the ‘body count’ (so to speak) has never been higher. The stakes really are much higher for Mr Selfridge, losing control of both his daughters and potentially much more of his money and credibility than he probably realises. At this point Lord Loxley’s presence isn’t much of a shadow on the horizon, since Miss Webb and her partner seem to be the much bigger threat. Gordon’s role as leading the shop is at least realistically portrayed and not at all as perfect as it might be. The issues with Rosalie and Sergei also might seem ironed out for the time being but with the Princess only reluctantly helping it’s clear that this situation is also set up as another ticking time bomb. Five episodes in and the show’s moving faster than ever – will Victor’s newest venture sort out alright? With George finally taking front and centre since Agnes has left, will he be the only one to come out alright? Next week seems like Miss Mardle’s episode and she finally gets some of the screen time she so deserves. Let’s hope the Loss of Doris doesn’t lead to more disasters … who am I kidding, it’s Mr Selfridge! Of course it won’t be all roses and butterflies…


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