The Disney Princess Series: Eilonwy Review

I’m reviewing an almost forgotten princess this time around with Elionwy, from Disney’s The Black Cauldron. It’s fairly obvious why she’s been unfortunately left off the Disney Princess roster, even though she’s a princess from the get go. Her film wasn’t a commercial success and by the time the Disney Princess franchise was created she was all but forgotten. At the age of twelve, Eilonwy may also have been considered to be too young.

That being said, she’s a kick-ass forgotten character, with a plucky spirit and the ability to wield magic. Comparisons have been drawn between both her and Aurora or Snow White, for different reasons. Both her and Aurora have similar long hair and both her and Snow White wear dresses that don’t just conform to one colour whilst both being some of the youngest princesses in the franchise.

Eilonwy is both strong willed and kind, helping to look after Taran and caring about his actions. Despite being kidnapped by the Horned King she’s brave enough to see the quest with Taran through and travels through dangerous lands in order to help get hold of the eponymous cauldron. However, she’s still not free of the romantic side of the Disney films, as she’s set up as a love interest to Taran and indeed the two do share a kiss before the end of the films. However she’s a forerunner to determined princesses like Jasmine or Ariel with her refusal to be thought of as lesser because she’s a girl.

Even though she’s not main star of the film (much like Jasmine in Aladdin), she has an incandescent presence on screen that makes her an interesting and original character. As the first princess to wield magic and exhibit the ‘tougher’ traits that are cherished in princesses today, it is indeed a shame that Eilonwy is forgotten. Let us hope that in the years to come she is revived.

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