Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 2 Episode 17 Review: “Boyle-Linetti Wedding”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Tomorrow it’s the Boyle-Linetti wedding and Gina’s convinced that everything must go along smoothly. Jake decides that he’s gonna make Jenny Gildenhorn – the girl who dumped him at his Bar Mitzvah – his new girlfriend. Gina gets Terry to officiate at the wedding because the pastor dropped out.

On the day of the wedding Boyle’s dad starts having doubts, not helped by Rosa whilst Amy and Jake get an opportunity to follow Minsk (Amy’s nemesis) right before the wedding and follow it. Terry comes up with a meaningful emotional speech but he cries every time so Gina demotes him and gets the Captain to do it instead.

Amy and Jake takes down the perp and even though Jake initially loses the ring they eventually find it. The problem? The ring is stuck on Jake’s hand, Gina pep talks Boyle’s dad so that he stops panicking. Terry manages to pull the ring off Jake’s hand, but Jake spots Jenny making out with a new man and he freaks out. At the ceremony the Captain manages to pull off a wonderfully heartfelt speech. Rosa finally confesses to Marcus she loves it and as she’s about to run off he tells her he loves her too.

The newest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine touches on a big aspect of the show that hasn’t been touched on of late – namely the will-they-won’t-they status of Jake and Amy. In fact, the whole episode was relationship centric. From Rosa and Marcus to the Captain and Kevin most of the relationship on the show were given the chance to breathe and interact. Though a change from the show’s usual style it was a fun episode, with the cast getting their A-game on. The Jake/Amy banter helped carry the episode from start to finish but who can deny that Terry starting to break down over being ‘taken to some real places’ was a highlight? Til, next week, folks!


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