Gotham, Season 1 Episode 18 Review: “Everyone Has a Cobblepot”

(Beware, spoilers below!)

Another week, another new episode of Gotham! As with all hefty recaps, scroll down to the bottom if you just want the review. Back in Gotham Bruce is diligently waiting by Alfred’s bedside, but when Jim asks him who stabbed him, the man says he didn’t get a good look. He later tells bruce that it’s because he’s the one that’s going to sort out Reggie, and no one else. When he tries to get up he’s not as strong as he thinks and Bruce orders him back in bed.

Somewhere else Fish wakes up in a hospital … with Dr Dollmacher at her bedside. She tells him that she wants to be instated as his right hand woman. He tells her he’ll talk later and that he’s sorry he couldn’t match the original colour of her eye.

Harvey Dent returns his week since Flas has been released and worse, is backed by the Commissioner when he runs for President of the Union. Gordon goes to visit the Commissioner and it’s revealed the Harvey was the one that lied to helped exonerate Flas. Jim is told that because Harvey too has a ‘Cobblepot’ and if he didn’t do what the Commissioner said he’d end up in prison. Jim talks to Harvey and the two decide that they need to steal the evidence.

Just then Harvey comes up with an idea: they talk to the Commissioner’s old partner. it’s a bit of a struggle but they end up getting a lead whilst in the Dollmacher’s hospital. He conditionally reinstates her but tells her that she might meet a grizzly end if she fails, and shows her his former office manager who he’s put together like Frankenstein. In Gotham hospital Selina comes to visit Bruce and he tells her he has to track down Reggie and solve the problem once and for all. Selina offers to help, but he turns her down for now.

In the back of a Chinese restaurant Gordon and Dent go after more information but it ends up awry and the two flee with the help of Harvey. He also helps threaten the Commissioner’s old partner once more, who tells them that Falcone is the person to ask. Jim tells them that they need someone close to Falcone in order to find out more about the stash – and that person is Cobblepot. Jim bargains for Cobblepot to help them, which involves a favour from the cop.

Meanwhile dissent has been bubbling in the underground prison but Fish returns, and sacrifices a couple of people and just about maintains control. In a farm on the outskirts of Gotham the duo of cops plus Cobblepot attempt to investigate. In the attic of the farm they find the Commissioner’s daughter, who’s been there the whole time, and Jim wonders if Loeb’s wife’s death is the Commissioner’s ‘Cobblepot’. Jim asks the woman about her mother’s death and they find out that she was the one that killed her mother.

Jim uses Miriam’s existence in order to help control the Commissioner and he not only get Bullock’s file and Flas tried fairly, but he also gets an endorsement from the Commissioner as the next President. In Penguin’s club it’s revealed that Cobblepot has taken the old couple at the farm hostage and is making them decide who survives. He laughs as he watches the old woman kill her husband and then kills her himself. In the Dollmacher’s hospital Fish gets welcomed to upper management by the Doctor as he also reveals to her that the facility is in the middle of nowhere, which is why he knows she can’t simply run off.

Jim’s mission to make the GCPD a better place takes front and centre this episode, and it’s interesting to see Jim play the Commissioner at his own game – after blackmailing the safety of someone’s daughter is hardly the cleanest thing to do. The introduction of Colm Feore’s’Dollmaker’ was also an interesting development, though it’s still not obvious where this storyline will take us beyond us following Fish managing to survive. The other plotlines just keep on ticking nicely, from Bruce on a mission to Nygma failing once more to obtain the affections of Miss Kringle. The return of Dent was also a nice touch even if it didn’t do an awful lot, but at least it reminded us that he still exists and has interactions with the rest of the cast. Just as importantly, though, it showed us the vicious take-no-prisoners side of Penguin that we’ve missed in the weeks following his almost death from Moroni. We’re reminded once more that he still is threatening presence, even if one of his bigger obstacles is making sure his nightclub doesn’t tank. It was an fun though not top notch Gotham episode, (which does still mean it was a decent forty minutes) but it seems more like a leader-upper to the season finale than anything else.


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